326 The Right Person in a Crisis

    Finally, Lin Yan and Pei Nanxu managed to return to the private room safely.

    Although they didn't enter at the same time, Pei Nanxu, Shen Chaomu, and Lin Yan caused others to cast a second look at them with their appearance.

    What was even more infuriating was that, although Shen Chaomu had originally been sitting beside Pei Nanxu, the moment he saw Lin Yan, he leaped to his feet and beckoned to her. "Lin Yan! Your seat seems to have more air circulation. Come on, exchange seats with me!"

    As he spoke, he walked over to Lin Yan and forced her to take his seat.

    He cast her a meaningful look, as though he had been very tactful.

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    She glanced at Pei Nanxu first before turning to Shen Chaomu. She finally understood the importance of having the right person's help during a crisis.

    Thus, Lin Yan was made to sit with Pei Nanxu.

    The worst part was that, while Pei Nanxu was sitting on her left, Han Yixuan was sitting on her right... Jiang Sifei was sitting beside Han Yixuan.

    This was too much...

    She had tried so hard to avoid all these land mines by selecting a suitable seat. Now, Shen Chaomu had ruined everything.

    Several actresses' faces fell when they saw that Shen Chaomu had made Lin Yan change seats to sit beside Pei Nanxu. Jiang Sifei's expression was particularly ugly.

    "Sister Sifei, as the leading actress, you should be sitting next to Mr. Pei, let alone Shen Chaomu. How is Lin Yan worthy of sitting beside him?" He Shanshan, who was sitting next to Jiang Sifei, grumbled angrily.

    At first, He Shanshan hadn't qualified to attend this gathering due to her limited number of scenes. However, thanks to her relationship with Han Yixuan and Lin Shuya, Feng Anhua had been obliged to invite her.

    Han Yixuan was her future cousin-in-law and backer, so He Shanshan hardly exercised any restraint when she spoke. As a result, everyone at the table heard her.

    The others were jealous of Lin Yan and disregarded the fact that Shen Chaomu was the one who had insisted on changing seats. They hazarded a guess that Lin Yan had been seducing both Shen Chaomu and Pei Nanxu...

    Lin Yan glared at Shen Chaomu as she bit her lip, yet he pretended to look innocent.

    Forget it. Given her reputation, she would be committing a crime even if she breathed.

    She had resigned herself to fate...

    As long as they were happy...

    Meanwhile, Feng Anhua got the ball rolling. "Great! Everyone is here! Come on! Raise your glasses! Let's have a toast!"

    Everyone raised their glasses promptly.

    The filming had progressed quite smoothly. Other than Lin Yan, Jiang Sifei and some others had also completed their scenes that day. Only certain actors like Pei Nanxu and Shen Chaomu had to continue filming, as the main leads had more scenes.

    "Sifei completed her scenes today. Let's toast to her!" Feng Anhua deliberately flattered Jiang Sifei.

    Even though Lin Yan had also completed her scenes, she was merely an insignificant supporting actress.

    "Thank you, Producer Feng. Thank you, Director Jiang and everyone else, for working hard." Jiang Sifei rose gracefully as she smiled.

    "Sifei, you're too kind. We should be thanking you instead. The best actress in the world was in our movie, so I'm sure it will be a success!" Feng Anhua showered her with praise.

    Jiang Sifei glanced shyly at Pei Nanxu. "How can I be compared to Mr. Pei Nanxu? If the movie is a success, it will be because of his contribution!"
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