327 The Essence of This Movie

    Pei Nanxu didn't respond to Jiang Sifei's flattery. He only flashed her a brief smile.

    Jiang Sifei was no longer who she used to be. She was managed by Lin Shuya's company, which could afford to invest heavily in her.

    Feng Anhua certainly wouldn't miss a chance to flatter her when she had such a strong backer. "Our award-winning Mr. Pei's acting skills and ability have reached the pinnacle. However, you are brimming with potential, Sifei! You have won so many awards at such a young age and proved your talent to everyone!

    There are hardly any actresses whose acting skills are on par with yours. You combine beauty and talent, just like our award-winning actor. The two of you are the essence of this movie..."

    Feng Anhua had been in this industry for decades and knew how to pander to people. Every word he said worked on Jiang Sifei, who was practically bursting with joy.

    Jiang Sifei, however, maintained her composure and humility. "Producer Feng, you're too kind. I still have many areas to improve on. I firmly believe that there is no limit to what one has to learn. Only people who work hard and stay humble can scale greater heights."

    Her eyes darted fleetingly to Lin Yan.

    He Shanshan immediately chimed in, "Well said, Sister Sifei! The entertainment industry needs more celebrities like you!

    What a pity that some people don't even have any talent and have to rely on scandals to stay in this industry.

    I heard that a simple scene with Mr. Pei Nanxu had dozens of NGs and everyone had to work overtime because of her. A rotten apple can really spoil the rest. Our production team's quality has been dragged down..."

    He Shanshan's criticism was way too obvious.

    The production team had split up into two teams for filming. Only those who had worked with Lin Yan had witnessed her acting, and not many actors had filmed scenes with Lin Yan.

    Hence, many of them continued to treat Lin Yan with contempt and disdain.

    However, Jiang Yiming, Wei Xufeng, Pei Nanxu, and the others were well aware of Lin Yan's acting skills. Especially Wei Xufeng, Lin Yan's number one hater.

    Wei Xufeng frowned unconsciously at He Shanshan's remarks.

    Even though he hated Lin Yan, he had to admit that her acting skills were flawless.

    Out of all his previous productions, this had been the most relaxed filming process ever.

    He was rather surprised to hear that Lin Yan and Pei Nanxu had had so many NGs that day.

    Most of his scenes with Lin Yan had only required one take. Besides, she had a good memory and she could learn fast, so even if there was an NG, she would be able to learn quickly. Why would she NG so many times with Pei Nanxu that day?

    Maybe it was because she wasn't a professional actress and her performance could fluctuate...

    Pei Nanxu certainly wouldn't speak up for Lin Yan right now. If he did, he would cause Li Yan more trouble instead.

    Besides, he didn't have to say much. When the movie hit the screens, everyone would witness Lin Yan's performance for themselves.

    Although Lin Yan didn't have too many scenes in this movie, based on his experience, he had a hunch that the character of Lin Pianruo would cause a sensation.

    Jiang Sifei, who had been praised by Feng Anhua, hadn't been given a chance to showcase her acting in this movie... Her role wasn't a match for her, considering that she was the winner of the best actress award...

    Jiang Sifei was right, though. Acting skills and talent were the most important things for an actor.
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