328 She Came Uninvited

    At the dinner table, everyone was busy socializing and having drinks and food.

    The seat next to Pei Nanxu had attracted too much attention. Hence, Lin Yan could only bow her head as she ate, trying her best not to be seen.

    After three rounds of wine toasts, a crew member suddenly opened the door, hurried over to Feng Anhua and whispered in his ear.

    "What? Lin Shuya is coming?" Feng Anhua, who was startled, scrambled to his feet.

    The door swung open once more and Lin Shuya strode inside in a dazzling dress.

    "Miss Lin."

    "Wow! It's Lin Shuya!"


    Everyone in the room greeted Lin Shuya warmly as she walked in.

    Han Yixuan, who had looked glum throughout the entire dinner, became more cheerful at the sight of her.

    He Shanshan bolted over to Lin Shuya and grabbed her arm warmly. "Sister! What are you doing here?"

    Lin Shuya smiled at her. "I had to attend another dinner in the vicinity and I heard from Brother Yixuan that all of you would be here. Therefore, I came uninvited!"

    She glanced at Feng Anhua and Jiang Yiming. "Sorry to disrupt your dinner. I hope Producer Feng and Director Jiang don't mind!"

    Feng Anhua smiled cheerfully at her. "Shuya, don't say that! We are so pleased to see you! It's our honor to have you attend our dinner. Come in and take a seat!"

    He instructed a waiter to prepare a set of cutlery.

    Jiang Sifei, who was sitting beside Han Yixuan, stood up. "Shuya, sit here!"

    Han Yixuan rose and approached the girl. He took her hand and led her to the seat before he said gently, "I thought you were busy?"

    "How can anything be more important than you, Brother Yixuan?" Lin Shuya replied sweetly, causing a commotion in the room.

    Lin Shuya's fawning words worked well on Han Yixuan, who gazed at her affectionately.

    The girl before him had always made him her top priority. She had always relied on him, and her world seemed to revolve around him. Lin Shuya turned to Wei Xufeng and said, "Xufeng, I'm looking forward to the theme song! I'm sure it will be really good!"

    Wei Xufeng, who had been sullen the entire night, finally looked marginally happier. "Thank you," he replied.

    Lin Shuya was like a fish in water at this gathering.

    The girl was as pure and warm as an angel. She was graceful and elegant, so everyone liked her. The aloof and unruly Young Master Wei seemed more approachable, while flirtatious Young Master Shen Chaomu showered her with attention.

    Han Yixuan's eyes were literally sparkling with affection and love for her.

    "Oh yeah, Sister. Who did you have dinner with earlier?" asked He Shanshan.

    Lin Shuya brushed her hair back as she replied proudly, "I had dinner with Director Joseph."

    He Shanshan's eyes lit up with excitement. "Wow! Isn't he a renowned Hollywood director? I heard that he is preparing a movie about racing. Sister, will you be a part of the movie?"

    Everyone at the table was startled when they heard He Shanshan.

    Joseph was one of the top directors in Hollywood, who had propelled many celebrities to fame. Almost all the artists in the country would be honored to be a part of his movie.

    Lin Shuya merely smiled in response, so Jiang Sifei said instead, "It has already been confirmed that Miss Lin will have a role in the movie. It's a very important role, and the actress has been selected by Director Joseph himself."
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