329 Disregard

    "Wow! Sister, you're really amazing!" He Shanshan gazed at her with adoration.

    Lin Shuya replied nonchalantly, "I'm interested in racing, so I know some stuff about it. Besides, I also got lucky. The director probably chose me because my appearance fits the role as well."

    "You're not just interested in racing, you're almost a professional!" Jiang Sifei complimented her generously.

    "That's because you're outstanding and multi-talented! You know everything, Sister!"

    He Shanshan turned to Lin Yan with a smirk. "No wonder Sister Sifei crossed over to your company. Indeed, birds of a feather flock together. Talented people are attracted to each other. Unlike others..."

    Lin Shuya's eyes roved over Lin Yan with a faint smile. "Sister! I forgot to greet you! It has been some time. I heard that you completed your scenes today. Congratulations!"

    Han Yixuan's eyes darted warily to Lin Yan when Lin Shuya spoke.

    He looked as though he was afraid that Lin Yan would do something to Lin Shuya.

    He had once admired Lin Yan's independence and confidence and liked how free-spirited and laid-back she was. She had also showered him with care and concern.

    This girl gave her all when she was nice to someone. Her love and care were as intense and passionate as fire.

    When he had been chased out of his family and banished overseas, he had gone through the darkest period of his life. Back then, it was Lin Yan who had stayed by his side.

    He had really liked her at the time.


    He was still a man. How could he tolerate the idea of depending on a woman for help?

    When he had come back home, Lin Yan had implored him to take care of her sister, Lin Shuya.

    That girl was different from her sister, Lin Yan. Lin Shuya was as pure and innocent as a piece of white paper. She had relied on him entirely and displayed her adoration for him, thus touching his heart...

    When his relationship with Shuya had been exposed, he had felt guilty for Lin Yan and blamed himself, so he had tried to make amends to Lin Yan.

    However, at the time, Lin Yan had been emotionally unstable and it had seemed as though she had changed into another person.

    As time had gone by, he had heard her repeatedly say how down and out he had been overseas. She had also gotten hysterical and caused trouble for Shuya in public. As a result, his guilt had slowly turned into annoyance.

    He had liked that girl so much, yet she had turned into a hateful person.

    Thus, the gentle and kind Lin Shuya had entered his heart.

    The more Lin Yan tried to make things difficult for Lin Shuya, the more he loathed her...

    Han Yixuan's wary expression amused Lin Yan.

    She had been such an idiot in the past. That was why Han Yixuan assumed she would still act like that. Why would she make a fool of herself now for these two pieces of trash?

    Lin Yan raised her glass slowly to toast to Lin Shuya with a smile. "Thank you."

    Lin Shuya frowned as she studied Lin Yan's nonchalant expression.

    Lin Yan had resumed her past nonchalance and indifference, and she hated it.

    Her sister had lost everything, so why was she looking at her as though she was ignoring her?

    Han Yixuan heaved a sigh of relief. However, at the same time, he felt suspicious.

    The girl's face was clean and pure, and her expression was devoid of any emotion. He had never seen her like this before.
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