330 I Wouldnt Pick Anyone At Random

    Lin Yan may be a carefree girl who wasn't that gentle, but she was also considerate and passionate. After she had broken up with him because of Shuya, she had turned gloomy and emotional.

    He had never seen Lin Yan like this...

    She looked nonchalant and disdainful...

    As though she didn't care about anything...

    He Shanshan pouted and remarked sarcastically, "Sister! Why are you still so nice to her? She is so shameless that she created a scandal with your boyfriend!"

    Everyone began to exchange hushed words as they waited in anticipation for the drama to unfold.

    Lin Yan grinned while she swirled her glass casually. Then, she took a sip and replied, sounding amused, "Miss He, there are so many big shots in this production. Mr. Pei is right here, so using him would have a better effect than your cousin-in-law. Why should I ignore him and go for a cameo?"

    Pei Nanxu coughed in response.

    Lin Yan then added, "Even if I were to be caught in a scandal with Shen Chaomu, we would outnumber everyone else with the quantity of our scandals!"

    Shen Chaomu was speechless...

    Outnumber everyone else?

    What a way to... describe...

    Lin Yan finished the entire glass in one gulp before she smiled. "So sorry. Even if I wanted to be caught in a scandal, I wouldn't pick someone at random."

    She didn't seem ashamed of herself. She actually behaved as though she was proud of herself, which completely exasperated He Shanshan until she couldn't retort.

    "You..." He Shanshan slammed the table furiously and leaped to her feet. "Who do you think you are? How dare you say that Brother Yixuan is not worthy of you! Didn't you know about his family background all along? That's why you clung to him!"

    Lin Yan raised her eyebrows. "Is he the only one with a prestigious family background? How about Young Master Wei?"

    Although the Han family had a long history in the capital city and was indeed one of the most prominent and prestigious families, the Wei family didn't pale in comparison. To be specific, its business was expanding rapidly too.

    Wei Xufeng was speechless...

    Meanwhile, Lin Yan trudged on. "If we were talking about young and handsome men, Tang Jiaye wouldn't lose out to Mr. Han either!"

    Tang Jiaye was speechless...

    Lin Yan had casually included everyone at the table. Pei Nanxu, Shen Chaomu, Wei Xufeng, and Tang Jiaye.

    He Shanshan stomped her feet agitatedly. "You... You are shameless! Who was the one who claimed that Brother Yixuan was your boyfriend?"

    Lin Yan sighed. "Everyone is blind sometimes."

    He Shanshan was speechless...

    Everyone else was speechless...

    Pei Nanxu bent to take a sip of his tea before coughing gently. He had abandoned the idea of speaking.

    He seemed to have underestimated Big Sister-In-Law's ability.

    Her words were enough to kill.

    Han Yixuan's face had darkened as he glanced at Lin Yan.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yan seemed to be getting tipsy. Feng Anhua had to step in to change the topic to ease the tension, for fear that this situation would escalate.

    A few hours later, the dinner finally ended.

    "Lin Yan is really atrocious! I've never met anyone as shameless as her!" He Shanshan seethed furiously.

    Jiang Sifei smirked coldly. "She is eloquent. All she can do is take advantage of that!"

    "How has Lin Yan been recently?" Lin Shuya asked casually as she admired her manicured nails.
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