331 Possessing the Ability to Be a Professional Navigator

    He Shanshan snorted in contempt. "Sister Shuya, don't worry. That country bumpkin can't act. Her scene today had dozens of NGs! There are too many top actors in this movie, including Sister Sifei! When the movie hits the screens, she will be compared to them and she will be disgraced and humiliated!"

    Jiang Sifei sneered coldly and said, "She has brought about her own destruction by declaring that she will make the top sales in three months."

    Lin Shuya sighed and shook her head. "I have always thought that Zhao Hongling was very capable. I was wrong."

    Jiang Sifei's eyes flickered. "Miss Lin, when the movie hits the screens, we can add fuel to the fire to drive her out for good..."


    After dinner, Lin Yan went back home.

    She had received a call from her grandfather, who was asking her to go home for lunch tomorrow.

    'Meeting One's Match' had stopped filming, so she had nothing to do. Therefore, she agreed readily.

    The next day, Lin Yan took a taxi and set off.


    The He family's house was noisy and crowded, as all the team members had arrived.

    "Grandfather, I don't think it's a good idea for Sister Yan to be Brother Mingkai's navigator... Why can't she be my navigator? After all, we have worked together once and built a rapport." He Lefeng glanced at He Dingkun.

    "Ha ha... He Lefeng, forget it. Lin Yan's navigating skills are not bad. She should be paired with He Mingkai. It would be a waste for her to be paired with you. Sorry for stating the facts! Don't be angry."

    One of the racers grinned at He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng looked rather indignant. Without his cooperation with Lin Yan, how would they have been able to clinch the top position? How dare they say things like that!


    "Why isn't she here yet? Look at the time!"

    A He family navigator said impatiently, "Although she can be considered a professional navigator, she is still lacking compared to Qing Li. She is supposed to be here today to meet her coach, yet she is late."

    "Exactly. If Qing Li hadn't fallen ill, how could she have become Mingkai's navigator?"

    A young man smiled quietly. He felt that this was all Lin Yan was capable of. Perhaps, the commentator had exaggerated because she was a woman.

    "Qing Li, tell us. When Lin Yan analyzed the situation so thoroughly last time, did she do it on the spot?" one of the He family racers asked.

    Qing Li chuckled and replied, "Of course she didn't. Even top navigators in the third level of the international competition couldn't manage to do that. Lin Yan must have memorized all the road conditions. That's why she was so thorough. However, that's the basic requirement for a professional navigator, so I can say that Lin Yan possesses the ability to be a professional navigator."

    "That's true."

    "What about that Side Horizontal Drift? That was really weird..."

    Qing Li contemplated this before he answered, "I think Lefeng achieved it by coincidence. That had nothing to do with Lin Yan."
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