332 Legendary Rank

    "Who said that it had nothing to do with her?"

    After hearing Qing Li's words, He Lefeng suddenly sprang to his feet with a frown. "It was Sister Yan who..."

    "What were you saying?" Qing Li grinned at him.

    He Lefeng was a little unsure himself. That Side Horizontal Drift had happened very swiftly. Actually, it had seemed as though they had merely swerved. However, he couldn't describe how they had done it exactly.

    "Errr... I have no idea. Anyway, both of us did it," He Lefeng concluded resolutely.

    "That's for sure. Of course, we knew that both of you did it. Who else could have done it?" A racer grinned in amusement. "However, you have to tell us exactly how you did it."

    How had they pulled off the Side Horizontal Drift?

    He Lefeng fell silent as he deliberated. "It was Sister Yan who asked me to brake. I just did as I was told and it happened..."

    The others glanced at each other after they heard He Lefeng. In no time, everyone burst into laughter.

    "Lefeng, just listen to yourself. You can't even make yourself clear. You accomplished that just by stepping on the brakes? Isn't that considered luck?"

    "Didn't I say that I can't remember clearly what happened? Anyway, I braked and Sister Yan..."

    Qing Li chuckled and interjected. "Lefeng, you're a professional racer. It's fine if you tell us. If you told anyone else, you would be deemed a fool.

    Lin Yan possesses the qualities of a professional navigator. Her knowledge and logic are indeed stronger than yours, but she can't be compared to you in terms of actual racing skills."

    He Lefeng couldn't take this lying down, but he had no idea how he should fight back.

    Lin Yan's instructions had been far too simple, and she had been the one in control of the steering wheel. That was why He Lefeng couldn't remember clearly.

    He Lefeng felt aggrieved and resentful, as he couldn't find the words to express himself.

    Anyway, the competition between WW and their team was approaching. Even if they didn't win, at least they would be able to witness Sister Yan's prowess!

    The upcoming competition with WW wasn't a rally race, so it would take place on a normal race track. They wouldn't need a navigator, so perhaps Sister Yan could race personally!

    He Lefeng wasn't entirely sure, though. He knew that Lin Yan was definitely a legendary navigator, but if she were to become a racer... He had his misgivings about that.

    "Qing Li, do you think Lin Yan is qualified to be Mingkai's navigator?" He Xiong glanced at Qing Li as he asked this question.

    Qing Li chuckled and replied, "Uncle Xiong, didn't you ask me to coach her for a few days? After the training, she should be up to Mingkai's level."

    "Then I shall rest assured. It's a blessing for her to be able to learn from you," remarked He Xiong.

    Lin Yan strode in with several bags during their conversation.

    "Xiaoyan, you're here."

    The old master smiled when he saw Lin Yan.

    "Grandfather, I got you a gift." Lin Yan placed the bags inside before she turned around.

    After the filming had ended, the production team had given her the remainder of her salary.

    "Your money is always hard-earned. I don't need anything, so don't spend money on gifts for me. Take a seat first," He Dingkun said warmly.

    "Oh yeah. Why did you call me and ask me to come here so urgently, Grandfather? Did something happen?" asked Lin Yan as she sat down on the couch.
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