333 Are You Qualified to Race With Them?

    "What else could it be? You are the one who brought this upon us!" He Mingkai glared at Lin Yan and hissed, "If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have been embroiled in the conflict between WW and ZH1."

    Lin Yan glanced at He Mingkai. She was about to retort when He Xiong cut across sternly. "Lin Yan, Qing Li is our best navigator and he has always worked with Mingkai.

    However, his health hasn't been very good recently, so he needs to recuperate. Qing Li has agreed to take you in as his apprentice and coach you. After you have learned from him, you can then work with Mingkai and be his navigator."

    Lin Yan's gaze trailed to Qing Li, who had a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. "He will be my coach?"

    "Certainly." He Xiong nodded in response. "Qing Li also said that you are quite a good navigator. However, you can't match Mingkai right now. I want Qing Li to coach you first before you become Mingkai's navigator."

    "Miss Lin Yan, your ability is much higher than ours, but you are not as good as Qing Li. If you want to become He Mingkai's navigator, you have to learn from Qing Li," a navigator who turned to Lin Yan remarked.

    They wanted her to become He Mingkai's navigator...

    They also wanted her to be the apprentice of an ordinary navigator...

    Lin Yan blinked, feeling a plethora of emotions.

    "I don't think I need a coach." Lin Yan laughed awkwardly.

    Qing Li's expression hardened when he heard Lin Yan's words. Then, he replied quietly, "If you weren't the Old Master's granddaughter, I would never agree to teach you."

    Lin Yan tilted her head and raised her eyebrows as she noticed his resentment. She then glanced at him and asked, "Who are you?"

    Qing Li's expression turned even uglier when he heard Lin Yan's question.

    "Lin Yan! How could you be so rude? Qing Li is your senior. When he started out as a navigator, you were still a nobody!" He Xiong snarled at Lin Yan.

    Qing Li scoffed coldly. "Old Master, Uncle Xiong, it's not that I don't want to take her in... However, I won't be able to teach an arrogant, presumptuous person like her."

    The rest of the navigators stared at Lin Yan, any liking they'd felt for her getting wiped away instantly.

    "Miss Lin Yan, Qing Li is the best navigator among us. Based on your current expertise, I don't think you can match Mingkai. If you don't have Qing Li teach you, how will you be able to become Mingkai's navigator?" a navigator remarked loudly as he glanced at Lin Yan.

    "Who said that I want to be He Mingkai's navigator?" retorted Lin Yan.

    Ever since she had been He Lefeng's navigator, she had sworn not to be a navigator ever again. Being a navigator had made her blood boil, as she had wished she could kick the racer off the driver's seat.

    She wanted to sit in the driver's seat.

    "Lin Yan, you need to get these facts right. Becoming Mingkai's navigator to have a race with WW would be an honor for you! Without Mingkai, would you even have qualified to race with a prestigious team like theirs?" He Xiong frowned angrily at her.

    Lin Yan couldn't be bothered to answer. When she saw the old master walking towards them, she called out, "Grandfather, when is the competition?"

    "In a few days. ZH1 has asked us to wait for news from them," He Dingkun replied.

    "Grandfather, I got it. I have something to do, so I need to go now. I will be there on the day of the competition."

    Lin Yan didn't give the old master an opportunity to speak before she turned around promptly.
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