334 As Long As We Win

    After Lin Yan left the house, she called God Z.

    "Miss Lin, is there anything I can help you with?" God Z sounded eager and earnest.

    "Try to push the date of the competition earlier. And don't make it a rally race. Just a normal race track without any navigators," said Lin Yan.

    God Z replied, "That won't be a problem. I can arrange it..."

    Anyway, they wouldn't stand much of a chance regardless of the venue or the type of race.

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief after hanging up.

    She simply couldn't talk sense into the navigators of the He family. All she wanted was to get this competition over and done with. Her job would be done once she could hand everything back to her grandfather.

    Based on the attention focused on this upcoming competition, the He family would be able to make a comeback...


    In the next few days, the news of WW and the He family team's competition spread like wildfire.

    The criticism online was directed at ZH1 and the He family team.

    I Want to Drive a GTR typed, 'What He family team? They are just a team on the brink of collapse. How dare an inferior team like them challenge WW? What gave them the courage? What an underhanded method to boost their popularity! The He family team should be driven out of the racing arena!'

    Mountain Car commented, "The He family team's navigator... has been revealed to be Lin Yan! The infamous actress!'

    All the Good Pigs Were Knocked Down By a Car replied, 'F*ck! Annoying Lin Yan, who has created dozens of scandals?'

    Swollen Inflated Ego replied, 'Yeah, that Lin Yan! She is all over the entertainment industry, yet now she has set her eyes on the racing arena?'

    Getting Rich Everyday typed, 'That woman is the most disgusting woman I have ever met. She could do anything just to get famous! What does she know about racing? Does she really want to be a navigator? Her grandfather owns the He family team, so that's how she got in!'

    Grim and Dark Lin Yan Forever commented, 'That woman has absolutely no shame! She has tainted our idols and now she has also targeted WW?'


    Lin Yan lay on the couch in her apartment and chewed on nuts while reading the criticism online.

    After so long, she had finally crossed the boundaries between the entertainment industry and the racing arena.

    Her phone suddenly rang.

    God Z's solemn voice said, "Miss Lin Yan, have you read the posts online? I'm afraid that the situation isn't looking very good at the moment. If this continues, your family team won't be able to exist any longer!"

    Lin Yan grinned and brushed this off. "I saw. Don't worry, everything will be fine as long as we win."

    "Errr... If you win..." Lin Yan sounded as casual as though they had been talking about the weather. Silence stretched as both of them fell silent.

    Then, God Z's voice was heard once more. "Miss Lin Yan, I'm aware of your ability, but... the rest of your team... Besides, all the members of WW are equally good and have many strategies and techniques. To top it off, their new captain..."

    God Z had made himself clear. Their chances of winning were slim.

    "Don't worry. When is the competition?" asked Lin Yan.

    "In two days. It will be held in an indoor racing track in Ningnan," answered God Z.

    He sighed before he added, "Miss Lin Yan, it's still not too late if we pull out now. After all, this happened because of ZH1. I do not wish to implicate your family's team..."
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