335 I Will Be Racing

    God Z had been advising Lin Yan earnestly when she suddenly received an incoming call. She replied half-heartedly before hanging up.

    As expected, Zhao Hongling had called her.

    "Hello, Sister Ling..."

    "What is all that stuff online? You are going to represent the He family team as a navigator and compete in the qualifying rounds of the third level of the international competition?" Zhao Hongling had skipped all pleasantries.

    Lin Yan blinked her eyes innocently. "Navigator? No, I am not.."

    Zhao Hongling heaved a sigh of relief and concluded that these rumors must have been started by haters.

    Who would have thought that Lin Yan would reply, "I'm not a navigator. I will be racing."

    Zhao Hongling was speechless...

    Silence stretched for a few seconds.

    Zhao Hongling had thought that Lin Yan would come back to her senses after breaking out of Lin Shuya's control. Who would have thought that she would do something like that?

    "Do you think you are not famous enough?"

    Zhao Hongling sighed heavily as she contemplated this. Then, she said tactfully, "Lin Yan, I know that you might be eager to make a comeback, but going beyond is as bad as falling short.

    The temporary buzz might make you relevant once again, but if the negative news keeps increasing, the haters might do something drastic. Then, you might get blocked! I've been trying to get investors for you, as no one dared to hire you... If you hadn't been lucky enough to land a role in Meeting One's Match, I am afraid that you wouldn't have had a chance to make a comeback."

    Lin Yan's heart melted as Zhao Hongling patiently explained the situation. "Sister Ling, I understand everything you have said. I know what I'm doing and I'm confident that I will win."

    Zhao Hongling frowned. She couldn't understand why Lin Yan would be so confident.

    Even though she was He Dingkun's granddaughter, this didn't mean that she could race. Besides, she had been a navigator, which was different from being a racer.

    She didn't know much about racing, but she was aware that theory was different from practical experience. She had researched WW and knew that not even ZH1 would be able to beat them.

    However, Lin Yan had appeared this time. Even she had assumed that Lin Yan had attempted to use this desperate measure to boost her popularity.

    However... Zhao Hongling couldn't help but trust Lin Yan after hearing her. She couldn't explain why.

    Lin Yan had indeed changed a lot. She hadn't been acting recklessly or rashly without thinking of the consequences.

    "Alright then. If you need my help, call me at any time," said Zhao Hongling.

    "Okay. Thank you, Sister Ling." Lin Yan paused for a moment before she asked, "Sister Ling, how are you? Did anyone cause you trouble?"

    "No, I'm fine," Zhao Hongling replied airily.

    Lin Yan narrowed her eyes. How could Zhao Hongling be doing fine? Those people were waiting to watch her downfall. In the past, they had held their tongues because of Jiang Sifei. Now, everyone was sure that Zhao Hongling would resign in three months. How could they miss this chance to humiliate her and put her down? They would definitely try every way possible to prevent her from getting funding...

    "You haven't had any work arrangements recently, so I will arrange for Duoduo to assist others first," Zhao Hongling said.

    "Okay, sure! I will be careful." After all, Duoduo wasn't her exclusive assistant.

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