336 Mr. Peis Older Brother

    After Lin Yan ended the call with Zhao Hongling, she sent Duoduo a message.

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun typed, 'Darling Duoduo, I will never forget you, even if I become rich. When that day comes, I will hire you as my personal assistant!'

    Star Entertainment's Qian Duoduo replied, 'In that case, I can't wait for that day. I'm in luck!'

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun responded swiftly, 'Pfft! Darling Duoduo, that's inauspicious! I'm going to update my Weibo to sweep away the bad luck!'

    Duoduo was speechless every time she read Lin Yan's update about getting rich.

    Star Entertainment's Qian Duoduo replied, 'Can you stop updating your Weibo now?'

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun typed, 'Why?'

    Star Entertainment's Qian Duoduo replied, 'Go and read Wei Xufeng's Weibo update!'

    Wei Xufeng? What was her little fan up to again?

    Out of curiosity, she visited Wei Xufeng's Weibo account. Then, she saw that... fragile Young Master Wei had begun to attack her once more...

    It had all started because someone had posted a message. 'Sister Yan, hang in there! Sister Yan, you're the best! The whole world loves you, and you will definitely win! You will teach WW a good lesson and roll them against the race track completely!'

    That person had tagged Wei Xufeng on their Weibo post.

    Wei Xufeng had then re-posted the message. 'Claptrap that's meant to please the crowd! This impersonator is making a fool out of herself! If that woman wins, I will run around naked!'

    Lin Yan raised her eyebrows when she read his post. Pity flashed across her eyes.

    Why had he said something so serious?

    In that case... Sorry, my little fan...

    Lin Yan then noticed the Weibo post that Wei Xufeng had re-posted.

    That person's username was 'Sister Yan's Fan Forever'. They really seemed like they were her fan.

    Other than 'A Little Firework', she had other fans?

    Was this person a fake fan?

    This anonymous person using the name 'Sister Yan's Fan Forever' acted as though he or she was deliberately trying to ignite a war by praising her to the sky.

    How could a fan be so certain that she would win?

    Suddenly, she noticed that this person's account looked familiar. Upon a closer look, she observed that this person had been really active on her Weibo comments. They had commented and followed all her updates.

    If he or she was indeed a fake fan, then they had been doing a good job...

    Lin Yan randomly clicked on her inbox and discovered that, amid that pile of criticism, 'Sister Yan's Fan Forever' had also sent her a message.

    Sister Yan's Fan Forever had said, 'Boss, I've bought tickets! I'm eagerly waiting for your return! You're the best! Boss, I will always support you!'


    Only Yeva's fans would address her as Boss. Who was this person exactly? Why would he or she know about her real identity?

    Nobody knew who she was...

    Oh, wait. There was one person...

    Could it be the staff member who had recognized her? His name seemed to be Qi Shaoyuan...

    Star Entertainment's Qian Duoduo typed, 'I wanted to ask you something previously. Why did you change your profile picture and name? Who is that man? Mr. Pei Nanxu? I don't think I've seen that picture before...'

    She suddenly received a message from Duoduo.

    Lin Yan's photo seemed to be a photo taken at a private residence. However, the man didn't look like Pei Nanxu...

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun replied, 'Errr... It's Mr. Pei...' She added the words 'his older brother' silently in her heart.
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