337 Not Much Self-Control When I Am With You

    Lin Yan leaned against the window as she fell into a daze. She caught an accidental glimpse of a familiar car parked below her apartment.

    Wasn't that Pei Yucheng's car?

    Lin Yan opened the window to take a clearer look. Not only could she see the car, but there was also a figure next to it.

    It couldn't be...

    Why was Pei Yucheng standing below her apartment this late at night?

    If he was here, why hadn't he told her?

    Lin Yan scrambled to her feet and decided to go down.

    She grabbed a cardigan before walking out swiftly.

    The black car was parked below a dim lamp beside the road. The towering figure's shadow was elongated by the light cast by the lamp.

    "Mr. Pei?" Lin Yan cautiously called out when she was several steps away from the man.

    The man, who had a cigarette in his hand, jerked slightly and turned his head in the direction of the girl's voice.

    "Oh, it's really you..." Lin Yan was surprised to see the man's face clearly.

    Pei Yucheng was wearing a suit, and his tie was hanging loosely around his neck. He had also unbuttoned his white shirt, and his hair had been a little messed up by the wind.

    "Mr. Pei, why are you here?" Lin Yan strode over to him hastily.

    The cigarette in Pei Yucheng's hand glimmered faintly. "I was passing by."

    Passing by...

    Lin Yan's eyes darted to the area around Pei Yucheng. There were several cigarette butts around.

    "You were passing by... How long have you been standing here? Why didn't you call me? Do you want to go upstairs?" asked Lin Yan.

    A flicker of surprise flashed past Pei Yucheng's eyes when he heard the girl.

    Lin Yan thought that there was nothing wrong with her question. She had no idea why Pei Yucheng looked surprised.

    Even if they had been friends, she would still have extended an invitation to him, let alone now that he was her boyfriend.

    Pei Yucheng gazed at the girl, who didn't have a clue, and replied slowly, "Human desires know no end. Once one gets some, one wants more."


    Lin Yan was mystified. She had no idea what Pei Yucheng was talking about...

    She had merely invited him upstairs. Why would he give such a profound reply?

    "What do you mean?" Lin Yan answered with a blank look on her face.

    Pei Yucheng bent his head and chuckled softly before he replied, "I don't have much self-control when I'm with you."

    Lin Yan responded, "Errr..."

    She was left speechless as she comprehended Pei Yucheng's words.

    What the... She was just being polite by inviting him to her house for a cup of tea. She had no other motive...

    How could she dare have any lewd thoughts?

    "I just wanted to see you." Pei Yucheng raised his hand and stroked her hair. He then turned around and departed after saying goodnight.

    Ever since she had reconciled with Pei Yucheng, everything had returned to normal. He had only requested that she move to Summit Entertainment. They exchanged messages occasionally and didn't meddle in each other's affairs.

    He rarely passed by her place, yet he had left after saying a few words.

    If she hadn't seen him, she doubted that he would have let her know.

    I just wanted to see you...

    As Pei Yucheng's words echoed in her mind, she unconsciously touched her hair, which he had just stroked. In an instant, she felt as though something tough was crumbling and melting away...

    She snapped out of her reverie and shook her head violently to calm down.

    Wake up! Sober up!

    Beware of beauty! It's the doom of all heroes!

    She wanted to be a billionaire!
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