338 Who Gave Her the Courage?

    Lin Yan had been paying attention to the upcoming overseas racing movie.

    The movie's title was 'The Story of the Race Track'.

    The story revolved around the male lead, Lang Mang, who had just entered the racing arena and clinched the championship twice in the second level of the international competition. However, he plunged to the lowest point of his life until he met his coach, the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva. She imparted new skills and techniques to him and he reached the peak of his career and entered the first level of the international competition.

    The plot included Lang Mang's love story too.

    After reading about the 'The Story of the Race Track', Lin Yan felt that the movie stayed true to the actual events. At least, they had done their research properly.

    It was a pity that the Race Track's Grim Reaper didn't have many scenes. The role was only added to generate buzz and set the mood for the movie.

    In terms of impact, influence, and reputation, hardly anyone could be compared to the Race Track's Grim Reaper.

    Using the Race Track's Grim Reaper to attract moviegoers was indeed a good move.

    Besides, the producers had been exceedingly selective and stringent when it came to casting the actress who would play Yeva. That was why they hadn't confirmed the role yet.

    Lin Yan had originally wanted to audition for the role. The remuneration was good, and filming wouldn't take too long. Plus, she would be playing herself.

    She knew it wouldn't be easy to clinch the role, as the competition was intense.

    However, 'The Story of the Race Track' audition wasn't the most pressing issue right now. She had to settle the competition with WW first.

    The next day...

    Lin Yan arrived at the Ningnan arena, early in the morning.

    She had brought up her request to ZH1, so the race wouldn't require a navigator.

    Lin Yan had overlooked the He family team and gone directly to ZH1 to apply as a candidate.

    She wondered if Pei Yucheng had read the news recently...

    He hated racing so much that if he discovered that she was competing today, she would be dead!

    However, Pei Yucheng was a busy man with a hectic schedule. She reckoned that he wouldn't have time to read such gossip.

    Lin Yan felt relieved at the thought.

    The crowd had filled the stands of Ningnan arena.

    Although this was just a qualifying competition, it had garnered attention in the racing arena because of the special circumstances.

    The He family team arrived bright and early too.

    "That woman is here."

    When one of the navigators spotted Lin Yan, a frown appeared on his face. Disgust and loathing were clearly etched in his features.

    Initially, the He family team had felt some fondness for Lin Yan, as she had helped them clinch the championship. However, that fondness had been wiped out ever since that meeting two days ago.

    What was even more infuriating was that Lin Yan had contacted ZH1 directly and usurped the place of one of their good racers in the team!

    "A navigator racing personally. That's indeed something new," Qing Li remarked coldly with a sneer.

    "She is a navigator, yet she replaced one of our racers so that she could take part. Who gave her the courage?"

    "This is ridiculous. She really thinks that, just by having some knowledge as a navigator, she can be a racer?"

    "Uncle Xiong, we didn't stand much of a chance to begin with. However, with this woman on the team, everything is definitely ruined."

    He Xiong's livid gaze landed on Lin Yan.

    "Since Xiaoyan wants to take part, just let her be. After all, we wouldn't even dream of winning anyway." He Dingkun sighed heavily.
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