339 Uninterested

    He Dingkun wasn't concerned about whether Lin Yan had indeed asked ZH1 to take out one of the He family team racers.

    After all, their opponent this time around was one of the most prominent and prestigious teams in the country.

    They would be lunatics if they even dreamed of beating WW given their current state.

    Right now, the old master was worried about the consequences they would have to bear after their defeat.

    Although ZH1 had proclaimed on their website that the He family team would be their substitute, this wasn't enough to get them off the hook.

    They had been flooded with criticism online. After they lost to WW today, they would definitely have to bear the brunt of using an underhanded method.

    Certainly, no investors would be willing to invest in their team.

    "How dare this woman replace me!"

    A He family team racer who was wearing a cap glared at Lin Yan.

    "Zhang Yun, it's just your luck. Anyway, we wouldn't be able to win the competition. It doesn't matter if you take part or not," another team member replied.

    "Although you're not entirely wrong, who is she to replace me? Does she know where the accelerator is? Or the brakes? She really thinks that just because she beat Old Tang's team by resorting to trickery, she can do whatever she wants now?" Zhang Yun snarled and spat furiously.

    "Forget it. She is Old Master's granddaughter."

    "So what if she is? Besides, does she really see herself as Old Master's granddaughter? Why wouldn't she study under Qing Li and vie for a chance to make it into a rally race? In that case, at least we would have made Mingkai's name known even if we didn't win!" Zhang Yun glared at Lin Yan, who stood a fair distance away. He could hardly conceal the fury and loathing in his eyes.

    "Alright, don't mind her." He Mingkai cut across. "We will just do our job and ignore her."

    "Who would bother to? It's just too hateful of her to replace Zhang Yun! This competition is so important. How could we allow her to do whatever she likes?"

    "Actually, I think Miss Lin Yan doesn't have any ulterior motives. At best, she is just a little ignorant and assumed she could compete because of her ability as a navigator," another racer quipped after some contemplation.


    Some time later, Wei Xufeng and Qi Shaoyuan strolled into the venue.

    This competition was a qualifying one, so reporters were unable to enter the venue. Only the teams and their staff and selected VIP guests could enter. Qi Shaoyuan and Wei Xufeng had entered as VIP guests.

    "I am really uninterested in this competition," Wei Xufeng remarked dully after settling down.


    Qi Shaoyuan's eyes darted to Wei Xufeng doubtfully. "You even went to Old Tang and the He family team's competition. Everyone knows how crazy you are about racing, yet now you're telling me you are uninterested in WW's competition?"

    "You're wrong." Wei Xufeng glanced at Qi Shaoyuan. "I'm interested in competitions when the teams are evenly matched. That's exciting, because anything could happen. Is there a need to anticipate the outcome of today's competition?"
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