340 They Are Nobodies to Us

    Qi Shaoyuan stroked his chin, looking pensive. "That doesn't sound right either. We watched every single race that Boss took part in... Are you implying that those competitions contained uncertainty too?"

    "Boss is an exception. Watching Boss race is a feast for my eyes. Most importantly, I enjoy the exhilarating thrill and excitement that comes with the victory." Wei Xufeng shook his head.

    "You're talking so much nonsense. Just watch the competition. Perhaps the He family team could win?" Qi Shaoyuan grinned wryly.

    "They could beat WW?" Wei Xufeng glanced at Qi Shaoyuan. "If they win, I will sprint naked. Qi Shaoyuan, you shouldn't be saying that a lousy team like the He family team could win."

    Qi Shaoyuan smirked coldly to himself. If it wasn't for the fact that Boss was taking part, he wouldn't have come to a competition when the victory was already determined.

    Without Boss, there wouldn't be any suspense or uncertainty about the outcome.

    Thanks to Boss, there wouldn't be any suspense or uncertainty about the outcome either.

    The Chinese language was deep and profound indeed...

    Qi Shaoyuan gazed at Wei Xufeng with mixed emotions. How could he post on Weibo that he would run naked if the He family team really won?

    How could he be so cruel and brutal to himself?


    Meanwhile, God Z and his team members arrived.

    The He family team rose quickly and nodded at them.

    "Today is hard on all of you," Mumu said with a smile.

    He Xiong replied, "It's not! God Z and ZH1 believe in Mingkai and wanted to give him a chance to perform. Even if we can't beat WW, he won't disappoint you."

    "Don't worry. I am in good condition today," replied He Mingkai.

    God Z was speechless...

    The ZH1 team members were speechless...

    "God Z, I have something to discuss with you... It's about Lin Yan... Can we replace her with Zhang Yun? If we don't, she will pull down the entire team." He Xiong peered at God Z intently.

    "You want to replace Lin Yan?"

    The ZH1 team members all looked startled as they watched He Xiong in disbelief.

    Was there something wrong with his brains?

    The sole reason they had agreed to the idea of the He family team being their substitute was because of Lin Yan.

    Certainly, they weren't just giving her face.

    If Lin Yan didn't represent the He family team, were they expecting this mob of idiots to challenge WW, which was the top team in the country?

    The ZH1 team wasn't entirely sure that Lin Yan would win in the first place.

    Everyone knew that the man who had spoken was Lin Yan's uncle.

    How could they tell Lin Yan's uncle how they truly felt?

    Should they explicitly tell He Xiong that his son, He Mingkai, and he were nobodies to them? They had allowed the He family team to be ZH1's substitute only because Lin Yan had promised to take part personally. It had absolutely nothing to do with He Mingkai.

    However, it would be rude and inappropriate to say so, as they were Lin Yan's uncle and cousin.

    "Uncle He Xiong, there are rules. Changing racers isn't allowed on the day of the competition." One of the ZH1 team members spoke up with a smile.
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