341 Not Here For You

    He Xiong fell silent as he mulled over the ZH1 member's remarks.

    The rule was clear: The racers who had signed up and registered for the competition weren't supposed to be replaced by anyone else.

    "In that case, I have something to say." He Xiong glanced at the ZH1 team after a minute.

    "Uncle He Xiong, do speak your mind," Mumu said with a smile.

    "Lin Yan is merely an ordinary racer. She only knows the theory, so she will most likely make a fool out of herself during the race. Even though she is Mingkai's cousin, please ignore her antics." He Xiong spoke up.

    He had assumed that ZH1 had allowed Lin Yan to replace Zhang Yun on account of the fact that she was Mingkai's cousin.

    The ZH1 team members looked at each other quietly.

    Where did He Xiong get this confidence he had in his son?

    His son's skills might seem alright at basic competitions, but if he were to take part in the intermediate level, he wouldn't even qualify as a substitute racer. Pitting him against the most prominent racers in the country would be ridiculous.

    "Everyone, the competition is about to start."

    God Z glanced at He Mingkai, He Xiong, and the others with a polite smile.

    He didn't say anything. Instead, he left with his team members.


    "F*ck! Look!"

    After God Z left with his team, one of the navigators caught a glimpse of another group of men.

    "They look familiar!" Qing Li exclaimed in response.

    "Hold on... That's the Speed team!" one of the He family team racers shouted in disbelief.



    "Air Commander's team, Speed!"

    "The very man who participated in the second level of the international competition and raced against Lang Mang?"

    "That's right! It's him!"

    He Xiong turned excitedly to He Mingkai. "Mingkai, look how sensational this competition is! Even Speed turned up!"

    "Mingkai, this is your long-awaited opportunity," Qing Li advised him solemnly, "Even a prestigious team like Speed is here to watch the competition personally..."

    Qing Li's words had barely left his mouth when the WW team members darted to the Speed team like an arrow.

    "Hi! Apologies for not welcoming you," one of the WW team members said hurriedly.

    Speed's captain, Air Commander, was quite famous in the racing arena.

    "Hold on. Let me get our captain!" One of the WW team members spoke up.

    "There is no need."

    Suddenly, a good-looking man dressed casually in white glanced at the WW team. "We are not here for your team," answered the man coldly.


    As Air Commander spoke, all the WW team members exchanged looks of bewilderment.

    This competition was between WW and the He family team. If they weren't here for WW...

    "We are here for the He family team. You may go get ready," remarked one of the Speed team members.

    Even a top, prestigious team like WW was nothing to them.

    Speed's intention had been made clear.

    They were here to witness the racing techniques of Yeva, the Race Track's Grim Reaper.

    Air Commander had researched on Lin Yan during this time.

    And he found out that she was the granddaughter of He Dingkun, the boss of the He family team.
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