342 A Great Honor

    All the Speed members, including Air Commander, had never imagined that the defending champion of the first level of the international competition, Race Track's Grim Reaper Yeva, would be the granddaughter of the boss of a lowly car team in China.

    It was unbelievable that a lowly car team like the He family could produce a legend like Yeva.

    "It's really surreal that we have raced against Yeva. Even though we lost to her, it was a great honor," one of the Speed members opined with a sigh.

    "Shhh! Lower your volume and don't let anyone hear you! Yeva has never revealed her identity to the world. You will be dead meat if you expose her!"

    "Yeva is so beautiful. How could she be such a ruthless person?"

    "You're too naive. How do you reckon she got her name as the Race Track's Grim Reaper? Besides, Song Yaonan was almost beaten to death by Yeva. That's absolutely true!"

    "The Race Track's Grim Reaper is well-known for her fiery temper among the racers of the first level of the international competition. I heard that she is as ferocious and savage as her racing skills!"


    Meanwhile, the He family team turned to He Mingkai with shocked expressions. They couldn't believe their ears.

    Qing Li interjected, "Earlier, Air Commander, the captain of the Speed team, said that they are not here for WW... They are here for the He family team..."

    "Because of us?"

    One of the racers turned and studied old master He Dingkun.

    He Dingkun looked perplexed and confused as well. He had no connections with a supreme, legendary team like Speed whatsoever and he didn't know any of its members or Air Commander either. He had merely watched them on TV.

    Thus, the burning question was: Why was Speed there to watch the race for the sake of the He family?

    "I don't know any of the Speed members or the captain," the old master quipped firmly.

    Qing Li fell silent and turned to He Mingkai.

    "In that case, Speed must be here for Mingkai. They must have seen the potential in Mingkai and found out that he..."

    He Xiong nodded violently. "Yeah, that must be it!"

    He Xiong's eyes landed on He Dingkun before he said excitedly, "Dad, Speed is here for Mingkai!"

    He Dingkun shook his head with a fleeting smile. "Mingkai is quite good, but it's already a miracle that ZH1 thinks highly of him. It's impossible for a legendary team like Speed to think likewise."

    "Impossible? Grandfather, how could that be? Even Air Commander said himself that he was here for us. Grandfather, you don't know them. Plus, my skills are the best in the entire team. If they aren't here for me, who else could they have come to see?" He Mingkai frowned at his grandfather.

    "Dad, Mingkai is right. None of us here knows anyone in Speed. They must be here for Mingkai. Although Mingkai's skills aren't that great yet, he has the biggest potential. A team like theirs likes to discover and unearth talented young racers," He Xiong replied eagerly.

    The old master turned to He Xiong as though he had something to say. However, he clammed up.

    Something was amiss. Mingkai's potential and skills weren't good enough to make Speed pay attention to him. Even if he did have potential, it wouldn't be sufficient to entice them to come personally.

    Perhaps he was really getting old and couldn't detect the immense potential in He Mingkai...
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