343 Such Huge Potential?

    It wasn't long before Air Commander brought his team members to meet the He family team members.

    Air Commander grinned when he saw the He family team looking overwhelmed. "I've been looking forward to meeting your team. You have managed to produce Ye... Erm... Nothing. We are just here to take a look. I really like and admire one of your racers. I hope we didn't disturb you guys."

    He Xiong hurried forward when he heard Air Commander. "It's really a blessing that the Speed team has shown its support for Mingkai today."

    All the Speed team members, including Air Commander, were puzzled. Who was Mingkai?

    He was He Dingkun's grandson and Yeva's cousin...

    "Oh. Ha ha... I'm looking forward to it. Do your best!"

    Air Commander gave a dry, forced laugh. This was, after all, Yeva's family.

    After Air Commander left with his team members to get to the VIP seats, Qing Li smiled smugly. "See? I was right. Speed came for Mingkai."

    He Xiong glanced at He Dingkun excitedly. "Dad, did you see that?"

    The old master was still doubtful and confused. It couldn't be...

    Was Mingkai's potential great enough to lure the Speed team there today? Had he really grown too old to keep up with the new generation of racers?


    WW and the He family team walked towards their respective cars at the starting line.

    He Xiong instructed Lin Yan sternly, "Lin Yan, if you dare to affect Mingkai's performance later, you will bear the consequences!"

    "Miss Lin Yan, you need to know that ZH1 has its eyes on Mingkai. Even the Speed team and Air Commander are here. Although you might be clueless about Speed, I hope that you won't take part later. You can say that you're not feeling well and request to leave. In that case, we can get Zhang Yun to replace you."

    Lin Yan glanced coldly at Qing Li before snapping, "Scram."

    Lin Yan's answer left the He family team in shock. How could she ask Qing Li to scram? Did she know who she was talking to?

    He was the best navigator in the He family team! Even the old master was polite to Qing Li!

    "What did you say?"

    Qing Li eyed Lin Yan with a murderous glare.

    Who did this woman think she was?

    "Lin Yan, how dare you talk this way?" He Xiong snarled as he bellowed at her.

    Lin Yan merely yawned in response. She put on her helmet without glancing at He Xiong and the others and turned around abruptly, marching towards her car.

    "You arrogant woman!"

    He Xiong fumed in anger as his veins throbbed against his forehead.

    "Dad, who does she think she is? Does she think she would meet ZH1, Speed, and other VIP guests without me? She is just like her mother! Both of them are ungrateful!" He Mingkai hissed angrily.

    "Forget it." Qing Li glanced at He Xiong. "This competition is more important right now. Pretend that she doesn't exist. I hope that she will have nothing to do with the team in the future. I have a feeling that she is going to ruin Mingkai and our team."

    "That wretched lass!" He Xiong yelled in frustration. "The old master gives in to her too much! After the race, I will teach her a good lesson!"
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