344 News About Boss

    In the meantime, at the VIP stands...

    Wei Xufeng eyed the group of people in the distance, nudged Qi Shaoyuan with his elbow, and quipped, "Isn't that Air Commander's team?"

    Qi Shaoyuan turned in that direction and nodded. "Yeah, Speed is here too."

    Wei Xufeng looked puzzled. "I could understand if this competition was between WW and ZH1, but why would Speed be here when the He family team is competing? I had no idea that they knew each other. They are on completely different levels."

    Qi Shaoyuan was a little surprised that a famous team like Speed would watch a qualifying competition. He had to be the only one who knew about Boss' identity. Why would Speed be here if they had no idea about Yeva's identity?

    "Oh yeah. Did you hear the news about Boss?" Wei Xufeng turned and asked Qi Shaoyuan.

    "What happened to Boss?" Qi Shaoyuan asked unconsciously.

    "Boss has retired because of her injury." Wei Xufeng sighed, looking regretful and sorrowful.

    "I heard this news, but I'm not too sure about the details," quipped Qi Shaoyuan.

    Lin Yan had been banned from competitions and accused of taking banned drugs. The news hadn't spread, as it was questionable. Hence, it had only been announced that Yeva had retired because of her injury.

    Yeva's ability and achievements had been obvious to all. She had lived up to her nickname as the Race Track's Grim Reaper. There were hardly any opponents that could defeat her at the first level of the international competition. Furthermore, she had maintained many of her records.

    Based on Yeva's level, it wouldn't make sense for her to take banned drugs.

    Besides, taking banned drugs wouldn't benefit a racer at all. In fact, it would cause the racer to perform badly and increase the possibility of accidents happening. Any normal person or racer in their right mind wouldn't consume any banned drugs.

    Lin Yan had given no explanation at the time. Instead, she had silently departed, looking grave and devastated.

    Several huge organizations hated Yeva and her team.

    Those organizations also owned top prominent teams.

    They had watched angrily as Yeva had dominated the racing scene of the first level of the international competition.

    Hence, they had blown up the news about Lin Yan's retirement without a word. Racing was also a type of competition, so the consumption of banned drugs was illegal.

    Those organizations used this incident as a bargaining chip against Yeva's team. However, they knew that no one would believe that Yeva would consume banned drugs given her talent and achievements. Hence, they hadn't objected to the excuse that Yeva had retired due to her injury.

    Recently, this incident had started being revealed gradually. The public only knew that Yeva had retired due to her injury and couldn't currently race. They had no details on her injury, neither did they know anything about her future plans. Everyone was kept in the dark, as no news was released.

    No one could have imagined that Yeva, who had once dominated the racing arena, would be on the Ningnan racing track, helping a lowly team like the He family compete.
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