345 She Could Win This Race With Her Eyes Closed

    Air Commander watched a car at the starting line intently while mumbling under his breath, "It's unbelievable. The Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva, didn't retire due to an injury..."

    "Captain, even if Yeva were injured, she would have easily crushed WW with her eyes closed. Their difference in skill is too drastic. They don't belong to the same level at all," one of the Speed members said.

    "Other than beating the WW team with her eyes closed, she could beat our captain easily as well." One of the team members glanced at his captain discreetly.

    However, Air Commander didn't retort. It was the truth. Even if Yeva had retired because of an injury, she would still beat him easily as though she was playing a game.


    Meanwhile, in the preparation area...

    The He family team was ready.

    They didn't have a strategy for this competition, as they were way below WW's level. Any strategy would end up being meaningless and becoming a joke. Instead, they had decided to allow the team members to call the shots.

    "Mingkai, be bold later. This race will be the turning point of your life." Qing Li's eyes landed on He Mingkai before the competition.

    "We definitely can't win the competition today, but it's not important. After all, ZH1 already thinks highly of you. You might even be recruited into their team. Air Commander is here today, which shows that you have immense potential. I reckon that Speed is interested in you. After the race, they will invite you to join them," Qing Li added.

    He Mingkai nodded in agreement confidently. "Mingkai, race properly later. Don't be daunted by WW's reputation. Qing Li is right. If you can get into Speed, that will already be a testament to your potential! You will be able to crush WW in the future!"

    "Daddy, I understand." He Mingkai appeared dignified and puffed up.

    "Mingkai, regardless of whether you choose ZH1 or Speed in the end, I will be with you to unearth more of your potential. From now on, everything depends on you." A smile played at the corners of Qing Li's mouth.

    "The competition is starting."

    He Dingkun came ambling slowly towards them.

    The He family team nodded promptly and began to walk with big strides.

    WW's team members were all inside their cars.

    The He family team members got inside their respective cars as well.

    The spectators fell quiet as the race was about to start.

    When the flag was raised and slammed against the ground, dozens of cars flew out instantly.

    A silver-colored car remained at the starting line.

    "Is that the He family team's car?"

    "Why is it not moving?"

    "What is going on?"

    Everyone at the stands conversed, looking excited and confused. They had never seen anything like that.

    Old master He Dingkun and He Xiong eyed the stationary silver-colored car.

    "Dad, this is your beloved granddaughter. She has shamed our entire team!" He Xiong scoffed coldly aloud.

    "Forget it. Just let her be. Xiaoyan doesn't know how to race, so this is safer for her," Old Master He Dingkun replied softly.

    "Dad, you should be contented that Mingkai is your grandson," remarked He Xiong.
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