346 Too Terrifying

    "What is happening?"

    At the VIP stands, Air Commander stared intently at the silver-colored car and muttered inaudibly.

    This wasn't like Yeva's style.

    Although Air Commander knew her racing style very well, he was confused.

    "Captain, is she deliberately putting extra distance between her and WW?" Suddenly, a realization hit one of the Speed members.

    Air Commander was dumbfounded.


    "Captain, look at Yeva. Then look at WW. If I were Yeva, who is racing with a team like theirs, I wouldn't be interested either. If I allowed them to go first, the race wouldn't be too boring."

    Meanwhile, back in the silver-colored car at the starting line...

    "Hmmm... How do I activate the suicidal mode?"

    Lin Yan tilted her head as she studied the interior of the car.

    ZH1 had provided all the cars and Lin Yan had not familiarized herself with them.

    "Found it."

    Lin Yan smiled and gently tapped on one of the buttons.

    The silver-colored car came to life, rumbling like a ferocious beast.

    Lin Yan grabbed the handbrake and stepped firmly on the brakes and accelerator at the same time.

    The noise became louder.

    Then, the back tires vibrated and jerked violently. However, the car remained stationary.

    God Z stared at the silver-colored car and frowned. "She has shut down the system..."

    "It can't be! Why would Miss Lin Yan do that?"

    Mumu quipped, "I trust Miss Lin Yan. Speed must have known about her racing skills."

    The others were slightly relieved when they heard Mumu. They had indeed witnessed her remarkable skills personally as well.


    The silver-colored car that Lin Yan was in flew out like an arrow and disappeared swiftly amid the smoke.

    In the meantime, the He family team members on the racing track felt hopeless and helpless.

    They had finally discovered something after being on an actual track with WW. The extreme control they wielded over the track was really terrifying... This was... beyond their expectations.

    To put it simply, the He family team was like a newborn, whilst the WW team was an adult. There was simply no comparison.

    Any WW team member could beat them effortlessly.

    "How can they be so good..."

    He Mingkai gnashed his teeth in frustration. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't catch up. He couldn't even see a trace of them.


    The commentator said, "Alright, we have finally seen some movement from the silver-colored car. Unless I'm wrong, this racer doesn't seem very familiar with the car. I bet she didn't prepare at all. She has shut down the system, which is meaningless. In the next part of the race, there will be a level of risk when the racer tries to exert more control over the car. Of course, the racer's speed is very fast after they shut the system down, but there is a tight corner right ahead. The racer should turn it back on..."

    As the commentator spoke, the silver-colored car finally caught the attention of the spectators once more as it approached the first tight corner.
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