347 That Lunatic Charged Ahead

    The commentator reeled off, "This He family racer didn't turn on the system. I think this racer is really unique and opinionated. Even so, how can a car swerve and turn that tight corner without the system's help?"

    As the commentator spoke, the spectators watched Lin Yan's silver-colored car swerve and turn in a split second. Without the system, the car swerved at an even more exaggerated angle.

    The silver-colored car picked up speed and the front tires brushed smoothly against the curb.

    The corner was tight, so a swift swerve was necessary for the car to pass by smoothly. The silver-colored car passed by in the blink of an eye and continued to drift. Right ahead was a He family team racer.


    He unconsciously shot a glance through the rearview mirror when he heard the raucous noise.

    Lin Yan's car turned and sped by his car as though it was the curb of the track.

    After passing this racer, Lin Yan adjusted her steering wheel and re-positioned the car. Then, in the blink of an eye, she disappeared once more.

    The commentator exclaimed, "Nicely executed! This swerve was brilliant. That He family racer has some skills after all. She shut down the system to make a tight swerve. She even used her team member's car as a curb and sped past him. Great!"

    "It's a hoax! Is that Lin Yan?"

    The racer who had been overtaken was shocked.

    Lin Yan had shut down the system, so the speed of her car had exceeded the normal speed. In no time, she had overtaken more of her team members.

    Right ahead was He Mingkai's car.

    "How did she catch up?"

    He Mingkai glanced at Lin Yan's car through the mirror, utterly flabbergasted.

    Instinctively, He Mingkai moved his car to block Lin Yan's path.

    "So burdensome."

    Lin Yan looked stoic as she forcibly made He Mingkai move away. After she had overtaken him, her car deliberately blocked his car and slowed down.

    He Mingkai's face fell as he braked hastily. Even so, his car crashed ahead towards the silver-colored car.

    Lin Yan grinned and stomped on her accelerator. Then, she vanished without a trace.


    He Mingkai's car stopped and he broke out in cold sweat.

    That damned woman was playing with him!

    "Impossible... How could it be?" He Mingkai couldn't believe his eyes. How could Lin Yan know how to race well enough to overtake him?


    The silver-colored car was charging like mad towards the WW cars.

    "Oh my god! This woman is a lunatic!"

    "Don't block her! She has shut down the system, so she will really smash into us!"

    One of the WW members was pale with shock as he perspired. If he hadn't dodged in time, they would have collided!

    "Captain, I can't do this... That lunatic has charged ahead. She is right behind you!" One of the team members stopped his car and turned on the radio communication channel.
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