348 What Does She Want to Do?

    "How could such a person exist? It's impossible. How could the He family team... be so good?"

    She had dared to give up on the system and charged through this race as though there were no other cars on the track. Even though the car had blocked her path deliberately, she had continued to use the accelerator without using the brakes!

    There could only be two possibilities.

    One, the woman was a lunatic who was there on a suicide mission!

    Two, she had the confidence to manage any kind of situation that might arise.

    WW's team members were there to race, not to perish along with everyone else!

    Given the speed and impact, if they didn't avoid her, they would die on the track. There wouldn't be any survivors!


    WW's captain glanced through the rearview mirror and noticed the silver car.

    There were many obstacles on this kind of racing track. It was not merely a straight road. Hence, if a racer could clear all these obstacles beautifully, he or she would be able to shorten the distance between their car and another car. Only if both of the racers were at the same level would they be able to maintain the distance.

    However, this situation seemed different.

    The silver car was trailing closely behind. Right ahead of them was an exceedingly narrow route that didn't allow a car to overtake. Other than that, no area allowed the cars to make any adjustments.

    Logically, no car should be able to overtake another car.

    "Come on, try to overtake me!" The WW captain entered the final narrow route.

    Lin Yan contemplated this as she sat inside the silver car. Seconds later, after the car entered the narrow route, she steered to the left and brushed the car against the side of the track, her car tires rubbing against the sides.

    "What... What is she doing?"

    God Z was completely shocked. She looked as though she wanted to smash through the track!

    If she did this, she would be eliminated right away!

    The silver car didn't give anyone any time to wonder about what would happen next. Lin Yan continued by speeding up a slope.

    Then, she increased her speed.


    As everyone watched in utter disbelief, the silver car went up as though it was flying. As it left the slope, Lin Yan turned the steering wheel all the way to the right.

    The silver car, which looked as though it would fly out of the track, miraculously returned to the racing track.


    Suddenly, there was a loud crash.

    The car landed on the track exactly ahead of the WW captain's car.


    The WW captain was so shocked to see the silver car that his jaw dropped open and his eyes widened.

    He had witnessed clearly what had happened through the mirror.

    The captain's mind went blank and he watched as the silver car landed ahead of him. There was nothing he could do to rectify the situation.

    Everything had happened too quickly and abruptly for him to react.

    "Cheating... This is cheating!"

    The He family team members were all completely dumbstruck.

    Even He Dingkun was standing there in a daze.

    Based on the way Lin Yan had overtaken He Mingkai, they had felt that something was amiss. Right now...

    Lin Yan's silver car... was simply flaunting...

    Every technique and decision had been used to put on a show!
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