349 What a Performance

    The He family team members were dumbfounded as they watched Lin Yan. Was this really her car?

    Everything else aside, the technique and skill she had displayed while overtaking WW's captain was simply perfect and stunning!

    How could this be called racing? She was there to perform!

    "How could... it be... She... She..." He Xiong pushed the door open as he watched Lin Yan getting down slowly. His expression registered nothing but utter shock.

    When he had been young, he had also been a racer and he had met other racers too. However, he had never seen anything like that before.

    Qing Li's expression had frozen on his face.

    "She... Was that her? Is there anyone else in the car?" One of the navigators spoke up in disbelief.

    "I thought that something was amiss. How was that even a technique? It was like a performance!" another navigator beside Qing Li yelled.

    "Are you a fool?"

    Zhang Yun glanced at the navigators and spoke up in disdain. "Are you dumb, or is WW dumb? How could a competition allow cheating? Lin Yan was alone in the car."

    Zhang Yun's voice rendered the navigators speechless.

    "I have nothing to say now that she has defeated the entire WW team..." Zhang Yun stared at the silver car absent-mindedly.

    He Dingkun stood a fair distance away, unable to snap out of his shock.

    "Impossible... How could she be so good? She is just a navigator! How could she beat Mingkai?" He Xiong's expression was ugly right now.

    "She didn't just overtake Mingkai. She overtook every car in the race during her performance."

    Air Commander strolled leisurely towards them.

    He glanced at He Dingkun and grinned. "Mr. He, your granddaughter is really amazing. Seems like when you were young, you were a brilliant racer as well."

    He Dingkun snapped out of his reverie. "Oh... Air Commander... You are flattering me too much."

    "How could this be? It must have been luck." Suddenly, He Xiong cut across.

    "Luck?" One of Speed's members suddenly frowned at He Xiong. "I'm afraid that all of you... have misunderstood Miss Lin Yan. This was what we expected. We came here just for Miss Lin Yan. How could she have won because of luck?"

    "I beg your pardon?" He Xiong was startled.

    "You... You didn't come for Mingkai?" Qing Li surveyed Air Commander and his team with a frown.

    "Mingkai? Who is he?" one of them replied airily.

    "He is Miss Lin Yan's cousin, one of the racers in the team," one of his team members quipped.

    Shock and disbelief were etched on the faces of He Xiong, Qing Li, and the others... They had no idea who Mingkai was?

    They had described him as just one of the racers?

    How could he be an ordinary racer?

    Lin Yan removed her helmet as she strode over to them.

    All the ZH1 members rushed up to her.

    "Hi, Speed members. It has been a while." God Z spoke, looking a little overwhelmed.

    "Yeah, it has been some time since our defeat. Lin Yan sent our entire team out of the track that day. Today, she crushed WW all by herself. However, truth be told, only their captain is more skilled," one of the Speed members replied with a grin.

    Qing Li, He Xiong, and everyone else blinked as they stood rooted to the spot.

    Lin Yan... had defeated Speed some time ago?
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