350 They Couldnt Bother to Explain

    All the He family team members had a blank look on their faces, especially the navigators, who could hardly believe that Lin Yan had sent the entire Speed team out of the track!

    How could this be possible?

    However, there was no need for Speed to lie, was there? What could their motive be?

    Today, they had seen Lin Yan personally beat all the WW members...

    The He family team members shot glances at each other. So Lin Yan had been an excellent racer to begin with?

    In hindsight, it wasn't a coincidence that Lin Yan had won the elimination race. She wasn't just a great racer. She was also a great navigator!

    What was funny was that they had been mocking Lin Yan and asked Qing Li to train her!

    All the racers shot furtive glances at Qing Li, who stood quietly beside them.

    It was literally a joke when they recalled what Qing Li had said.

    He had said that Lin Yan was an average navigator... who had won previously because of luck.

    Qing Li had been the best navigator in their team. However, they were just a small team after all. Hence, Qing Li was at most an average navigator in comparison.

    How could he have been mocking a skilled racer and top navigator?

    He had dragged them as well...

    They finally understood why Lin Yan hadn't bothered to retort or explain.

    If they had been a top navigator and racer, they wouldn't have bothered to explain themselves either because... they wouldn't care!

    They wouldn't bother explaining.

    Why would they explain if there was a drastic difference between their levels?

    To Lin Yan, they were as insignificant as ants...

    All the people who had ridiculed and mocked Lin Yan turned red with shame. How they wished they could dig a hole and bury themselves!

    "Lin Yan! How dare you set a trap for me!"

    He Mingkai marched angrily towards Lin Yan. "Grandfather, Daddy, if it hadn't been for her... I wouldn't have ended up providing such lousy results! She set me up because she wanted me to act like a fool in front of ZH1 and Speed!"

    He Xiong gritted his teeth in fury. He was about to say something, but he clammed up in the end.

    "Damn it... ZH1 and Speed came for me. Without me, would you have been able to join this competition? Did you learn how to race in secret? How dare you plot against me! You are a traitor!" He Mingkai bellowed without a care.

    "Hi, Mister."

    Suddenly, Air Commander's gaze trailed to He Mingkai. He said airily, "I think there has been a misunderstanding. My team and I came to support Miss Lin Yan. As for you, I'm sorry but I don't know you. I may be too blunt, so I hope you don't mind. Based on your current skills, you might not even qualify for an ordinary team in this country."

    He Mingkai, who was flabbergasted, froze. What had he said? Speed hadn't come for him?

    "Ha ha... Mr. He Mingkai, you actually weren't the one who got your team into this competition. It was because we believed in Miss Lin Yan and trusted her ability. That's why the He family team became our substitute team." Mumu gave He Mingkai a feeble smile.
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