351 Why Did He Have to Pander to Her to This Extent?

    Both Speed and ZH1 were aware by now that Lin Yan and He Mingkai's relationship wasn't good. It sounded as though they were enemies.

    In that case, they had no reason to be polite to He Mingkai and the others for Lin Yan's sake.

    "He Mingkai, you might not even beat an average racer with your current skills. What or who gave you this belief and courage?" one of the ZH1 members replied in a slightly disdainful manner.

    "That navigator of yours, Qing Li, can't even do his job properly, yet he wanted Miss Lin Yan to learn from him? This must be the biggest joke I've ever heard."

    "Exactly! Miss Lin Yan crushed all the Speed members effortlessly, yet you wanted her to learn from him? Have you all been living under a rock?"

    Qing Li, who was ashen-faced, couldn't form a retort.

    "Lin Yan... She... She beat Speed?" He Mingkai spluttered in disbelief. "Impossible! How could that happen? Something is wrong!"

    Air Commander's eyes roved over Lin Yan as he chuckled. "Miss Lin Yan, can we exchange contact information? I have some techniques I would like to seek your advice about..."


    Lin Yan glanced at Air Commander with a smile. "Air Commander, I only have average skills. I was merely lucky that I beat both Speed and WW."

    Air Commander hurriedly quipped, "Miss Lin, you're too humble!"

    What kind of joke was she cracking? Was she unaware that he already knew that she was the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva?

    "I'm just stating the truth." Lin Yan inhaled deeply and declined once more with determination.

    Air Commander's attitude was far too weird...

    Even though she had beaten them previously, why did he have to pander to her to such an extent?

    After all, racers were prideful. Even if they lost, they would usually bear some sort of a grudge.

    The He family team stared at Lin Yan in bewilderment. Air Commander wanted to learn from Lin Yan, but she had rejected him?

    "Miss Lin, don't be like this. Let's just exchange numbers. I swear I won't disturb you! I promise!" Air Commander persisted relentlessly.

    He wanted Yeva's contact number!

    He had to get it!

    While she was still Lin Yan right now, he should seize this opportunity to get her number. If she went back to being the Race Track's Grim Reaper, it would be impossible to meet her!

    Lin Yan was speechless when she saw how relentless Air Commander was. Helpless, she had to succumb.

    After getting Lin Yan's number, Air Commander beamed with satisfaction.

    "Alright, Miss Lin Yan. I shall not disturb you any further... We have something to do later so we need to get a move on."

    Air Commander then left the place with his team members.

    "Captain, give me your contact information too!"

    "Captain... I... I want it as well!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    The WW team had disappeared as though they couldn't take this defeat lying down. However, Lin Yan didn't care, as this wouldn't change the result of the competition.

    "Grandfather, I have something to do. I need to leave now."

    Lin Yan put her helmet and gloves on the table and smiled at He Dingkun.

    Before He Dingkun could snap back to his senses, Lin Yan had departed swiftly, leaving the shocked He family team behind.
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