352 It Was Too Obvious

    The most excited and emotional party was the ZH1 team right now.

    If they had competed with WW, other than losing the competition and the chance to qualify for the third level of the international competition, they would also have been mocked by everyone.

    WW's intention had been to deliberately challenge them to get revenge!

    However, ZH1 had miraculously won the competition. In doing so, they had also qualified for the third level of the international competition!

    God Z had never been gladder about his decision!

    He was really wise!

    God Z glanced at He Dingkun and said emotionally, "Mr. He, we will always be grateful for this. Help us thank Miss Lin Yan!"

    He Dingkun hurriedly replied, "You're too kind..."

    Actually, the He family team had done nothing... It had all been Xiaoyan...

    God Z sighed ruefully. "Actually, I wanted to invite Miss Lin Yan to join our team, but she declined. At first, I was puzzled, but then I discovered that she was your granddaughter. No wonder she decided to help your team."

    The He family team members glanced at each other, looking uncomfortable and awkward.

    Lin Yan had rejected God Z's invitation to help the family, yet they had been so hostile to her. They had even attributed their success to He Mingkai...

    If He Mingkai had been that capable, their team wouldn't have been reduced to this state.

    They had been way too arrogant and narrow-minded...


    Meanwhile, at the VIP stands...

    Qi Shaoyuan stared at a dumbfounded Wei Xufeng. He waved his hand in Wei Xufeng's face and grinned cheekily. "Brother, you still running?"

    He had made a Weibo post, saying that if the He family team won, he would run naked...

    "I'll run over your head!" Wei Xufeng glared at Qi Shaoyuan.

    "Mr. Wei, I would like to interview you about your mood and feelings right now!" Qi Shaoyuan sat down next to Wei Xufeng with a grin.

    Wei Xufeng frowned as he mulled over the competition once more.

    How was that possible?

    How could Lin Yan's racing skills be that good?

    Was she a genius? Had she learned in such a short span of time?

    Or perhaps her skills had always been that good?

    However, no matter how good she was, there was no way she could defeat one of the top teams in the country.

    Could there have been a trick involved?

    No, he had witnessed Lin Yan's skills personally. She was really that good and she had indeed been the one racing.

    "Lin Yan doesn't race. She seems as though she is performing..." Wei Xufeng muttered under his breath.

    Any ordinary racer would have been able to display their skills and put up a performance. However, using that to beat WW would be a daydream.

    Unless WW had deliberately allowed Lin Yan to win...

    No, that was impossible as well. Why would WW let the He family team win?

    "Hey, Wei Xufeng! Keep your promise! You still owe me that signed photo! How could you do that?" Qi Shaoyuan eyed Wei Xufeng angrily.

    Wei Xufeng rolled his eyes at Qi Shaoyuan. "Scram!"


    Lin Yan, who had left the room and walked past the stands, accidentally caught a glimpse of a familiar figure...

    She retreated hastily in fright when she caught sight of the person's face...

    Damn it!

    Pei... Pei Yucheng?
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