360 Cant I Have a Boyfriend?

    Lin Yan hadn't delved too deep when she had first had this thought. After Pei Yucheng said that she could have other intentions, her imagination began to roam.

    To be frank, her request could cause a misunderstanding easily.

    Would Pei Yucheng think that she had some sort of ulterior motive for staying with him?

    May God be her witness! She really didn't!

    She had pure, innocent intentions!

    Alas! It seemed too late to explain...

    Pei Yutang beamed and replied gleefully, "Big Sister-In-Law! Big Sister-In-Law! I will go and help you move your belongings!"

    Lin Yan glanced at Pei Yutang, who looked as though Christmas had come early. "It's too late now. I need time to pack my belongings. Besides, my friend helped me rent that apartment. I need to inform him before I move."

    Pei Yucheng's eyes flickered. "Wang Jingyang?"

    Lin Yan nodded, looking slightly startled. "Yeah, Wang Jingyang. Mr. Pei, how did you know my friend's name?"

    "You mentioned him before," Pei Yucheng replied promptly.

    Lin Yan blurted out, "Huh? Did I?"

    She had no recollection of mentioning Wang Jingyang to Pei Yucheng before...

    Perhaps it had slipped her mind.

    "You should inform him," Pei Yucheng added, "When you finish packing, call me and I will pick you up."

    "Okay, sure!"


    Li Yan returned to her apartment.

    She initially planned to look for Wang Jingyang the next morning. However, as soon as she reached the stairs, she bumped into him.

    "Hey, Pup!" Lin Yan's eyes sparkled as she hurried forward.

    "Why did you come back so late?" Wang Jingyang frowned as he studied her.

    Lin Yan replied, "This is great. I actually have something to tell you. Treat me to supper!"

    Wang Jingyang eyed her. "Why should I treat you?"

    Lin Yan raised an eyebrow and replied smugly, "Because I won the competition today! Shouldn't you celebrate with me?"

    Wang Jingyang rolled his eyes. "Forget it. I would go bankrupt if I treated you every time you won a competition. This was just a minor race. How dare you have the cheek to ask me for a treat!"

    He knew that Lin Yan had entered the competition to help her family team. He hadn't even bothered to ask about the result or watch her competition, as he knew that she would win.

    "You haven't answered yet. Why did you come home so late?" Wang Jingyang pressed on.

    Guilt struck Lin Yan for no reason, and her eyes darted elsewhere. "Why can't I come home late?"

    "I thought you weren't filming anything recently? Plus, the competition ended early today. You don't even have close friends here, so why were you out so late?" Wang Jingyang trudged on.

    Lin Yan was speechless when she heard him.

    Did he have to be so blunt?

    Lin Yan rolled her eyes at him and replied, "It's true that I don't have friends here, but I have a boyfriend."

    Wang Jingyang looked as though he had heard something incredulous. "What did you say?"

    "A boyfriend!"

    "Did you drink too much again?" Wang Jingyang scoffed in contempt.

    Lin Yan snapped, "I didn't drink! I really have a boyfriend!"

    At first, Lin Yan had assumed that she wouldn't last long with Pei Yucheng. Hence, she hadn't wanted to tell Wang Jingyang, as he might have probed too much.

    However, based on the current circumstances, she reckoned that it would be impossible to break up anytime soon. Wang Jingyang was her close friend, so there was no need to hide from him.

    He replied dully, "Yeah, yeah. You have a boyfriend. Are you going to add that he is Pei Nanxu?"

    Young girls often called their idols or favorite actors their husbands. Lin Yan had often praised Pei Nanxu for being gorgeous and called him her boyfriend. Wang Jingyang had become immune to her.

    Lin Yan replied, "Even though it's not Pei Nanxu, he is related to him..."

    Wang Jingyang noticed that Lin Yan seemed serious and doubt flickered in his eyes. "Really? Who is he?"

    Lin Yan answered, "Pei Nanxu's older brother, Pei Yucheng."

    Wang Jingyang was left speechless!
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