362 Sending Pei Yucheng to the Tigers Den

    Lin Yan suddenly recalled that there was indeed such a clause in the contract.

    They wouldn't refund the rent, and the contract couldn't be transferred to another person.

    Wang Jingyang smirked gleefully at Lin Yan's expression. Then, he coughed and added, "Anyway, you have paid the rent. Why don't you wait till the contract is up before you move to the dormitory?"

    She had already promised Pei Yucheng and she didn't want to renege on her promise.

    Lin Yan gritted her teeth in determination. "No refund then! At most, I shall leave this apartment empty!"

    Wang Jingyang was completely taken aback by her words. He knew how stingy she could be when it came to money, yet she was insisting on moving away despite not getting a refund.

    "What is the new company you are joining that has made you make such a huge sacrifice?" Wang Jingyang had initially assumed that she had joined another small or unknown company. Now, he was intrigued by this mysterious company.

    "I haven't signed the contract yet. Tomorrow, I will discuss it with Sister Ling. Once it's confirmed, I'll let you know!" Lin Yan brushed the question off vaguely.

    If she said that the company was Summit Entertainment, Wang Jingyang would definitely not believe her. Then, he would pressure her once more...

    After Lin Yan got back to the apartment, she began to pack her belongings.

    She didn't have too much stuff, so it all fit inside a piece of luggage and a huge bag. Tomorrow, she would be able to move everything easily.

    Lin Yan surveyed her surroundings to check if she had missed anything.

    Oh yeah! She had forgotten something important!

    She scrambled to her bed and pulled out the divine trigram, a clove of garlic, and some talismans.

    She had bought quite a bit previously, but Wang Jingyang had told her that she had asked him to throw those things away.

    Then, she had gone out to buy more and hidden them under her pillow.

    Although it seemed like it didn't really work...

    On the last day of filming, she hadn't been the one who had finished the scene with Pei Nanxu...

    However, her 'alter ego' hadn't caused her any trouble. Instead, it had helped her!

    Could it be because she have finally succeeded in wooing Pei Yucheng?

    Lin Yan suddenly recalled something. At first, she had been worried that the other consciousness would do something inappropriate to other male celebrities. However, in the end, Pei Yucheng seemed to be the only one who was 'targeted' by it.

    Did that mean that the other consciousness that resided in her body was only after Pei Yucheng?

    Damn it!

    In that case, if she were to move in with Pei Yucheng, wouldn't she be sending him to the tiger's den?

    Lin Yan clenched the garlic in her hand as she turned pale.

    No! She had to think of a way to protect Pei Yucheng. She would never let anything happen to him!


    The next day, Lin Yan made a trip to Star Entertainment. She wanted to look for Zhao Hongling to discuss her upcoming work arrangement as well as her plans with Summit Entertainment.

    When she reached the company, she went to Zhao Hongling's office and spotted a group of people crowding outside the entrance.

    Many employees were shifting boxes and stuff.

    Lin Yan studied them and noticed that the things belonged to Zhao Hongling.

    Zhao Hongling stood quietly while Duoduo was yelling and trying to stop them.

    "Stop! Manager Gao! What is the meaning of this? What right do you have to seize Sister Ling's office?"

    A middle-aged man was sitting on Zhao Hongling's chair, smirking slyly as he mocked them aloud. "What is the meaning of this? What do you think? Since she can't make the sales, she should resign as director! This office should belong to someone with high capabilities!"
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