363 What Can You Do to Me?

    Standing next to Gao Zhiwei was an attractive young girl who was dressed fashionably. She glanced at Zhao Hongling and remarked smugly, "Since you can't make the sales, then you might as well resign! Director Zhao, this was what you said!"

    "But it hasn't been three months!" Duoduo gnashed her teeth in fury.

    Although she knew that it was impossible to achieve the targeted sales, at least they had three more months. However, these people could hardly wait.

    One of the celebrities who were present replied, "There is only one week left. Are you dreaming of surpassing Brother Wei's sales results within the remaining time? Dream on!"

    "That's right! Qianqian is getting a lot of funding, and she has two upcoming blockbuster movies! Soon, she will be acting as the female lead of a drama! She is also going to be the regional ambassador of CA! How can you compete with them? Perhaps, you want to use that disgraced woman who has stayed hidden after being lambasted by the public?"

    "Even if Zhao Hongling were to use everything she could to make Lin Yan popular, she wouldn't even hold a candle to Qianqian's finger! Don't insult Qianqian!"

    "How true! The only movie role she has landed is just a supporting role. The movie hasn't been screened, and criticism has already flooded her. When the time comes, her acting will be dreadful compared to Jiang Sifei's performance."

    "I heard that she has shamelessly participated in a racing competition!"


    Gao Zhiwei had originally been one of the managers under Zhao Hongling. Unlike Zhao Hongling, he enjoyed using connections.

    An Qianqian was one of the celebrities under Gao Zhiwei. She was pretty, but there were hundreds of pretty actresses in the entertainment industry. She had no extraordinary talent or capability either, so she had remained relatively unknown.

    Recently, Gao Zhiwei had found a rich, powerful boss who acted as An Qianqian's backer. Hence, she had received a massive amount of funding and broken Star Entertainment's sales records.

    Even Jiang Sifei, who used to be managed by Zhao Hongling, couldn't beat that record.

    In the company, the people with the highest sales figures would have power and authority.

    Gao Zhiwei was getting snobbish and smug, as he felt that he would soon be the director. How could he allow Zhao Hongling to remain in the company?

    As for the rest of the employees, they had assumed that Zhao Hongling wouldn't be able to make a comeback. Naturally, they had turned to Gao Zhiwei.

    "No matter what happens, we still have time. Sister Ling is still the director, so none of you have the right to do this!" Duoduo yelled in frustration.

    Gao Zhiwei grinned and sneered. "Oh... Indeed, your time isn't up yet, but what can you do to me if I insist on kicking you out? Go and complain to the boss if you dare! Let's see if he will care!"

    An Qianqian folded her arms across her chest and scoffed coldly. "She has been reduced to relying on a piece of trash like Lin Yan to survive. Does she think that she is still the director who groomed an award-winning artist?"

    Now that she had a strong backer, An Qianqian could speak her mind freely. She waved her hands and commanded, "Ignore them and move everything out. Then empty the lounge on the third level for me. Other than me, no one else is allowed to use it!"

    Duoduo's face hardened when she heard that. Sister Ling was the one who had forked out the money to decorate and renovate the lounge for Jiang Sifei so that she could have a comfortable place to rest in the company. They had even set their eyes on that...
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