364 What a Clever Plan

    The employees heard An Qianqian's instructions and shoved Duoduo away. Then, they began to move everything.

    They had heard rumors that An Qianqian had found a strong, powerful backer this time. Even the boss of Star Entertainment didn't dare to offend her and treated her as a revered God.

    An Qianqian had demanded an office and a lounge, so they would certainly accede to her request.

    She strolled over to a cupboard, her gaze landing on a trophy. She stretched her hand and picked it up.

    "Oh... Jiang Sifei's best supporting actress award..."

    This was the first award that Jiang Sifei had gotten. Although it was just a best supporting actress award, it was Zhao Hongling's most cherished and treasured award.

    This award had given her a glimpse of hope and light just when she had felt hopeless and had been about to give up. It had allowed her to continue to do what she believed in and, step by step, she had brought Jiang Sifei to the pinnacle of success by clinching the best actress award. She had also made her way up to the position of the director and carved a name for herself...

    Zhao Hongling gazed at the best supporting actress award, looking pensive.

    When she had finally made a name for herself and tried to achieve even higher success, Jiang Sifei had cruelly abandoned her by breaking the contract. All her effort had gone down the drain.

    A second later, a loud smash was heard.

    Shock and fright seized Zhao Hongling as she watched the trophy slip out of An Qianqian's hands and smash into a thousand pieces on the floor.

    "An Qianqian!" Duoduo screamed in fury as she stared at the floor.

    "Oops. Sorry. It slipped..." An Qianqian apologized without looking sincere.

    "You... You are all too much!" Duoduo's eyes blazed with anger.

    She was aware of how much Zhao Hongling had cherished this trophy. She had cleaned it every morning. Every time she had felt upset or troubled, she would hold the trophy and admire it.

    These people were using their position to bully others!

    Zhao Hongling stared at the broken fragments in a reverie. After some time, she bent her back and extended her hand...

    The glass cut her fingers and she began to bleed.

    However, Zhao Hongling didn't seem to realize this as she continued to pick up the glass...

    "What a jinx! This is my new office! Don't you dare stain my floor with your blood!" Gao Zhiwei grumbled.

    Then, he said, "Zhao Hongling, don't stick around here any longer. Get lost. You can't blame me for being heartless. From this day onwards, you can be my assistant. I have arranged for the storeroom on level one to be your office. You are not even fit to have an office based on your performance!"

    Lin Yan stood quietly as she watched the scene with a thoughtful smile.

    Gao Zhiwei was incapable of grooming new artists and merely went around trying to use connections. He wanted Zhao Hongling to be his assistant so that she could continue to work hard. If she really did manage to produce some results, then he would take credit for it.

    He was putting on this show to display his generosity and kindness.

    What a clever plan!

    "Why are you still standing here? Didn't you hear Brother Gao? Move all your belongings to your office!" One of the employees stuffed a cardboard box into Duoduo's arms impatiently.
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