365 You Have No Right to Command Me

    An Qianqian sneered loudly and reeled off calmly, "Director Zhao, you have to know that you're to blame for Jiang Sifei's betrayal! You caused so much trouble for the company, so it's kind of the company that it hasn't fired you. It's all thanks to Brother Gao, who has been constantly putting in kind words on your behalf. You need to repay him by being his assistant!"

    Gao Zhiwei stroked his chin and added, "Oh yeah. Other than Jiang Sifei, there isn't anyone else under you that's worth mentioning. Even though Lin Yan has been blacklisted, her looks are still acceptable. I have informed the management that from this day onwards, she will be managed by me. I will be in charge of planning Lin Yan's work and schedule!"

    Zhao Hongling, who had been silent all this time, yelled, "No way!"

    She knew Gao Zhiwei too well!

    An actress like Lin Yan would end up a pawn under him.

    He wouldn't be serious about promoting and taking care of Lin Yan.

    He would coerce Lin Yan to entertain investors. Then, he would use the funding for his own artists.

    Gao Zhiwei sneered aloud at her response. "Director Zhao... Oh, you're no longer a director. Miss Zhao, let me remind you again that you are in no position to decide what an artist should do!"

    A girl's crystal-clear voice interrupted Gao Zhiwei this time.

    "Thank you, soon-to-be Director Gao, for your kindness..."

    Lin Yan strode calmly into the office and bent to support Zhao Hongling. With a smile, she remarked, "I'm sorry though, but you have no right to command me."

    Gao Zhiwei's face fell when Lin Yan defied him. "Who do you think you are? It's an honor for you that I want to have you! Other than a tainted history, you have no qualifications or acting skills. How dare you reject me!"

    "What do you mean I have no right to command you? Look at this situation and get your facts right. In this company, I call the shots! You will do as I have instructed and commanded you. Don't you try to climb over me!"

    Lin Yan stared quietly at Gao Zhiwei.

    Gao Zhiwei assumed that Lin Yan had given in when she fell silent. Thus, he softened his tone and spoke as though he was giving alms to the poor. "I have arranged a dinner in a couple of days. Remember to dress up and come on time. If you dare to ruin it, I will make you suffer."

    Lin Yan replied, looking unruffled, "You're only a director, and not even the boss could force me to do something. I will break the contract with Star Entertainment. From this day on, I'm no longer working for this company."

    Gao Zhiwei was taken aback by her words. "What did you say? You want to break the contract with the company?"

    Lin Yan should be grateful that Star Entertainment was still willing to keep her. How dare she break the contract?

    It would be impossible to turn a celebrity like her into an A-lister. All she was good for was entertaining bosses to get them to invest in Qianqian. He would spare her a sum of money, which would be a huge favor.

    Who had given her the courage to terminate the contract?

    Where would she get money? After she terminated the contract, which company would want a troublemaker like her?
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