366 You Are Fortunate

    Other than Gao Zhiwei, Zhao Hongling and Duoduo were also shocked by Lin Yan.

    Duoduo grabbed Lin Yan's arm in a panic. "Sister Yan, you want to terminate the contract? Have you gone mad?"

    Although Star Entertainment was a small company, it was at least a shelter with Sister Ling around. If Lin Yan really left, she would have nowhere to go.

    "Just some time ago, you didn't have any work. Have you forgotten that you lost your appetite because of that?" Duoduo reminded her, sounding anxious.

    An Qianqian's face darkened when Lin Yan refused to oblige.

    She had her eye on a movie, but the investor was a difficult man to deal with. It was rumored that he had a perverted fetish and had abused several actresses before. She didn't want to deal with him. Hence, she had come up with the idea of asking Gao Zhiwei to get Lin Yan to deal with that investor.

    Who would have expected that Lin Yan would be so obstinate?

    An Qianqian said in a slightly threatening tone, "Lin Yan, the assistant is right! You have to consider this carefully. Brother Wei is willing to provide you with an opportunity and bring you to meet investors. This is indeed good fortune for you! If you miss this chance, you will never find it again and it will be too late for regrets!"

    Zhao Hongling furrowed her eyebrows and walked over to Lin Yan. "Lin Yan, don't act so rashly. There is still room for discussion. I will go to the boss. I'm sure he will do something for me since I've been in this company for so many years."

    Actually, the boss's attitude was obvious judging from the fact that he had allowed Gao Zhiwei to act in this way.

    Despite how hard and how long Zhao Hongling had slogged for him, she was merely a useless pawn who couldn't bring in the revenue that she used to.

    Lin Yan was deep in thought when she heard the employees' voices.


    "Boss is here!"

    "Hello, Boss!"

    A man with a protruding belly strode in with his female assistant. He had an ugly expression on his face as he lashed out, "Why are you guys making such a ruckus instead of working?"

    Gao Zhiwei sprang to his feet before hurrying forward. With a pandering smile, he cried, "Oh my! Boss, you're here! This is a minor matter! We shouldn't have alarmed you! I can deal with this!"

    An Qianqian darted forward and wound her arms around the boss's arm. Looking pitiful and aggrieved, she complained, "Boss, it's good that you're here. Can you handle this? Zhao Hongling made the company suffer a huge loss, whilst Lin Yan has defiled the reputation of the company. Brother Wei knows that Sister Ling has worked hard for years and asked her to become his assistant. He even expressed his wish to take Lin Yan in, but both of them are ungrateful!"

    An Qianqian spoke as though she felt indignant at this injustice. "Lin Yan even wants to terminate the contract!"

    "Really?" The face of the boss of Star Entertainment, Du Pengsheng, darkened as he studied Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling.

    Zhao Hongling was afraid that Lin Yan might act rashly again, so she stepped forward to block her. "Boss, Lin Yan has been with me all this time and I understand her well. I hope that I can stay with her... As for me... I can be Director Gao's assistant."

    Du Pengsheng's expression turned ugly when he heard Zhao Hongling. In his opinion, Zhao Hongling should comply with all the arrangements since her sales had plummeted. He had treated her with respect by allowing her to stay as the director's assistant. Did she feel aggrieved?

    How dare she bargain with him!
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