367 She Had a Backer Supporting Her

    Du Pengsheng's face hardened as he hissed, "I have already approved of transferring you to become Director Gao's assistant and putting Lin Yan under his wing. There is no room for discussion.

    From this moment onwards, you will be Director Gao's assistant. Lin Yan will follow him as well. She will have to listen to his instructions and arrangements!"

    Zhao Hongling hadn't expected Du Pengsheng to be so callous. Pale with anxiety, she stammered, "Boss, I..."

    Du Pengsheng got impatient and interrupted her brusquely. "Zhao Hongling! You have caused me huge trouble! I've been kind and lenient with you by keeping you for old times' sake. Don't push it!"

    Lin Yan chuckled quietly to herself before she said, "President Du, don't you remember that Star Entertainment almost went bankrupt several times? All the managers in the company left, except for Sister Ling...

    Even in the worst situations, Sister Ling never once gave up as she slogged her life for the company. She was also the one who successfully groomed Jiang Sifei and made the company's name known. The company owes all its success to her. Are you getting rid of the donkey after the grinding is done?"

    Du Pengsheng flared up when he heard Lin Yan. "Who are you to speak to me in this way?"

    Gao Zhiwei and An Qianqian gloated quietly to themselves as they delighted in the way Lin Yan had angered the boss.

    Gao Zhiwei stepped forward to comfort Du Pengsheng. "Boss, don't waste your time on these ungrateful fellows. Who said that Zhao Hongling was the one who made the company successful? It was obviously you who achieved that, with your intelligence and acumen!"

    An Qianqian cast Lin Yan a scornful look. "Zhao Hongling has merely used the company! Do you think Star Entertainment will collapse without her? Lin Yan, don't be so arrogant. Brother Wei has become the director, and many artists want to be groomed by him. How dare you be so picky! Do you really think that you're Han Yixuan's girlfriend? Or perhaps, you hope that Pei Nanxu will fall for you? What a joke!"

    Du Pengsheng felt better after hearing all this. "Qianqian, save your breath. If you don't listen and obey, then get lost!"

    Zhao Hongling, who had initially been hopeful and optimistic, saw her hopes get smashed bitterly.

    Du Pengsheng spat, "I'm giving you one day to consider this. Think it through!"

    Lin Yan grinned and replied casually, "There is no need. I'm terminating the contract."

    It felt damn good to have a backer supporting her!

    Anyway, she had already signed the contract with Summit Entertainment. She could certainly terminate her current one without feeling apprehensive.

    Du Pengsheng, Gao Zhiwei, and An Qianqian turned glum and solemn as Lin Yan answered.

    "Lin Yan, you ungrateful woman!" Gao Zhiwei bellowed furiously.

    If it wasn't for Lin Yan's beauty, how could he possibly want her? How dare she trample on his offer!

    Zhao Hongling stood dumbfounded beside Lin Yan. She had no wish to stop Lin Yan anymore.

    She couldn't even protect herself, and the boss wouldn't listen to her. She wouldn't be able to protect Lin Yan even if she stayed...

    Duoduo seemed to have reached this conclusion as well, as she had clammed up too.

    However, if she terminated the contract...

    The penalty wouldn't be a small sum of money!

    Zhao Hongling was feeling worried, when Lin Yan waved her hands impatiently. She grabbed Zhao Hongling and Duoduo and got ready to leave. "Sister Ling, don't fret! Even if the sky falls, you will still have me!"

    And her backer...
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