368 She’ll Come Back Crying To Beg Me

    Zhao Hongling, Duoduo, and Lin Yan picked up their belongings and left the building.

    An Qianqian watched as they left before inching closer to Gao Zhiwei and whispering, "Brother Wei, how could Lin Yan be bold and reckless enough to terminate her contract? Could Zhao Hongling have found her a backer? Otherwise, why would she sound so arrogant?"

    An Qianqian was worried. "What will happen at the dinner in a few days?"

    Gao Zhiwei grinned and replied, "Qianqian, you're so naive. Zhao Hongling has lost Jiang Sifei, so she's like a tiger that has lost its teeth. She is useless right now. How will she be able to find a company for Lin Yan?

    As for Lin Shuya, she has offended Triumph Entertainment. Who would dare to recruit her? Which manager would be brave enough to take her in? I bet Lin Shuya will make sure that she never makes her way up again!"

    An Qianqian, who felt more consoled, nodded happily. "Brother Wei, you're so wise! I'm so lucky I'm with you. Who knows if I would have been able to succeed if I had chosen Zhao Hongling!"

    Gao Zhiwei smirked smugly and replied, "It's good that you realize that! As long as you listen to me, you will be the star of Star Entertainment. Soon, you will become an A-list actress of the entertainment industry! Just wait and see. Lin Yan will come back crying to beg me!"


    In the meantime, Lin Yan and Duoduo traveled to Zhao Hongling's apartment.

    Duoduo was silent throughout the journey and she collapsed on the couch when she reached the apartment.

    "Sister Ling, what should we do now? President Du doesn't care about us. He merely listens to Gao Zhiwei and An Qianqian! Gao Zhiwei obviously knows nothing about the business. He only knows how to use underhanded methods. How dare he have the cheek to ask you to be his assistant! How brazen of him!" Duoduo became livid at the thought.

    Zhao Hongling sighed again. "If we don't agree to the terms, we will have to resign."

    Lin Yan turned to Zhao Hongling and probed, "Sister Ling, I wanted to say this earlier on. With your capability, you can go anywhere! Why should you insist on staying with Star Entertainment? It's a waste of your talent!"

    Lin Yan marshaled her thoughts as she wondered how she should broach the topic of jumping ship to Summit Entertainment.

    Zhao Hongling gave a bitter smile. "Lin Yan, things aren't so simple."

    Was there a hidden story?

    Duoduo glanced at Lin Yan. "Sister Yan, you have no idea because you were only at the company for a short period. Du Pengsheng is a scrupulous man! He will tarnish the reputation of any celebrity or manager who dares to leave the company! Then, no company will dare to hire that person. Jiang Sifei was an exception, as she was poached! She has a powerful backer, so Du Pengsheng didn't have the guts to do anything to her!"

    Duoduo added quickly, "Of course, your reputation is already tainted, so you don't have to worry. However, I think Sister Ling won't be spared."

    Lin Yan threw her a scornful look. How could she be so mean to her right now?

    "That's true! In that case, I don't have anything to fear!" exclaimed Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling shook her head, looking grave and solemn. "Lin Yan, things are not as simple as it seems. You are in a semi-blocked state. After the termination, things will be harder. No other company will want you. I'm in a dire state myself, so I won't be able to help you..."
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