370 They Probably Saw My Potential

    The following words were clearly typed on the cover page of the contract that Lin Yan had just taken out.

    Summit Entertainment Contract

    Party A: Summit Entertainment

    Party B: Lin Yan


    Shock hit Duoduo for a couple of seconds before she snatched the contract to take a closer look.

    Although she may not know much about contracts, she saw the names on the cover page.

    "Sister Ling, look at this..." Duoduo passed the document to Zhao Hongling anxiously.

    Zhao Hongling flipped to the second page and, to her surprise and astonishment, this was indeed a Summit Entertainment contract.

    "Sister Yan, did you forge this contract?" Duoduo couldn't believe that Summit Entertainment would sign Lin Yan on.

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. "How would it benefit me if I forged this?"

    Duoduo contemplated this and agreed that Lin Yan had no reason to do such a ridiculous thing.

    Could this contract be real?

    Lin Yan took two more contracts out of her bag as she said, "Sister Ling, this is your contract as my manager. This is for Duoduo, who will be my assistant."

    Duoduo exchanged an incredulous look with Zhao Hongling as she received both contracts.

    It felt as if a blessing from the heavens had fallen into their laps.

    "Lin Yan, explain what is going on," said Zhao Hongling curtly.

    She had no idea how Lin Yan had managed to get a Summit Entertainment contract.

    She had even managed to get contracts for both her and Duoduo...

    Summit Entertainment was known for its strict rules and regulations. Only top artists would be poached, and new celebrities had to possess immense talent. Their requirements also extended to the recruitment of managers.

    She may have groomed an award-winning actress like Jiang Sifei and risen to become director of the artist department at Star Entertainment, but if she were to be placed in Summit Entertainment, there would be dozens of managers there who could achieve the same success she had.

    Lin Yan couldn't tell them the truth, not because she didn't trust Sister Ling and Duoduo, but because she would prefer to keep her relationship with Pei Yucheng as quiet as possible.

    Hence, Lin Yan deliberated carefully and replied casually, "Actually, I was rather surprised too. Perhaps Summit Entertainment saw my potential and felt that I could make it?"

    Lin Yan continued to act as she sighed. "To think that a company that has such a sharp eye for unearthing talented artists still exists!"

    Duoduo's face fell promptly when she heard Lin Yan. Then, she blurted out, "The staff of Summit Entertainment must have lost their mind! Why would they choose you?"

    Lin Yan brandished the contract in her hands. "Ahem. I shall give you a chance to rephrase that!"

    Duoduo was speechless. "The staff at Summit Entertainment must have lost their mind! Why would they choose my granny?"

    Lin Yan nodded in satisfaction. "That's my granddaughter!"

    Duoduo was speechless...

    Zhao Hongling was about to speak when she received several email notifications.

    "What happened, Sister Ling?" Duoduo sounded anxious.

    Zhao Hongling looked rather disconcerted. "I've been sacked, and they terminated Lin Yan's contract."

    Duoduo exploded. "These callous fellows! How dare they chase Sister Ling away! Who does that jerk, Gao Zhiwei, think he is! When he was Sister Ling's subordinate, he was always so polite and meek. Now, he had the audacity to ask Sister Ling to be his assistant! He sounded as though he was doing Sister Ling a huge favor! If we didn't agree, he would kick us out! How much time and effort has Sister Ling put in for this company?"

    Zhao Hongling gazed at the email and sighed heavily to herself. Any sentiment or fond memories had vanished instantly.
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