371 A New Strong, Powerful Backer

    Lin Yan chuckled softly and replied, "Darling Duoduo, calm down first. Hadn't you expected this to happen? Gao Zhiwei is intimidating, so he's pressuring us to go back to him! If we return, he will make life a living hell for us. Alas, it's such a pity..."

    Lin Yan shook her head slowly as she added, "It's a pity that they didn't expect our new backer to be short-sighted... Pfft. I mean we have a new strong, powerful backer!"

    Duoduo was speechless...

    She was right indeed...

    This new backer wasn't just powerful. She wouldn't even have dreamed of this in several lifetimes!

    Lin Yan surveyed the two of them and asked, "Sister Ling, Duoduo. If there is no problem, just sign the contract. It will take effect right away!"

    Zhao Hongling and Duoduo exchanged a wary look once again. Zhao Hongling asked cautiously, "Who is the person who got you this contract? His position in Summit Entertainment seems to be very influential. Otherwise, he wouldn't have the authority to get me in and give you the freedom to choose your assistant."

    Lin Yan had already discussed this with Pei Yucheng beforehand, so she simply named an artist director at Summit Entertainment. "It's Chi Sheng from the third division."

    There were several artist divisions at Summit Entertainment, and the competition was intense and fierce. Chi Sheng was the leader of the third division.

    Zhao Hongling heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the name. "So it's him... I've heard of him. He is quite eccentric and doesn't like sticking to the norms by signing unique artists... Although his sales aren't the best, he is quite honest and upright. There shouldn't be a problem."

    "Yup! Sister Ling, since you say that it's fine, then everything is fine!"

    Zhao Hongling gazed at Lin Yan with a sigh and said, "Give me the contract. Let me check it carefully to make sure there isn't any problem."

    Lin Yan replied, "Sure. Thank you, Sister Ling!"

    "Oh yeah. Keep the fact that you are joining Summit Entertainment a secret. Don't reveal it to anyone you don't trust. This isn't a small matter, and it will cause a commotion once it's revealed.

    Summit Entertainment should have its own marketing and PR arrangements. After I read the contract, we can meet the leader and discuss this in detail," instructed Zhao Hongling sternly.

    "Alright, I understand. No problem! Thank you, Sister Ling!"

    Zhao Hongling clenched the three contracts in her hands, feeling consumed by a plethora of emotions. "This is a blessing in disguise... Although the future might pose greater challenges, this is also a huge opportunity for you..."

    And for herself as well.

    Actually, many agencies and companies had tried to poach her before. Although they might not have been as big as Summit Entertainment, anything was better than staying at Star Entertainment. Still, the thought of leaving had never crossed her mind.

    She had never dreamed that she would leave in this manner.

    Zhao Hongling paused before she said, "Thank you, Lin Yan, for trusting me."

    Lin Yan, who wasn't quite used to how serious Zhao Hongling was right now, grinned and replied happily, "Sister Ling, don't say that. I have caused you so much trouble, but you have never once given up on me. No matter where I go, I will only have you as my manager!"

    Duoduo looked visibly touched and emotional when she heard Lin Yan's confession. She immediately spluttered, "Hmmm... I didn't expect you to be so loyal... Forget it... I want to apologize to you. I have misunderstood you.

    Thank you for letting me be your assistant and allowing me to stick by Sister Ling. In the future, I will work hard! Even if you are not the best sales-wise, I will serve you as well as my ancestors!"

    "Ha! Thank you so much!"

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