372 Im In Charge of Fetching You

    After settling the matter with Star Entertainment, Lin Yan hurried back home.

    When she got back, she saw a huge car parked below the building.

    Pei Yutang pushed the door open and leaped out excitedly the moment he saw Lin Yan. "Big Sister-In-Law, you're finally back! Have you taken care of everything?"

    Lin Yan proclaimed, looking refreshed and chirpy, "Done! I've been successfully fired!"

    Pei Yutang muttered to himself in astoundment, "This is the first time I've met someone who's so happy after being fired."

    Lin Yan answered proudly, "Haven't you heard of this before? If you can't forget your past love, that means your new love isn't good enough!"

    Pei Yutang was speechless...


    A familiar chuckle greeted Lin Yan's ears, making her spin around. Pei Yucheng strolled towards her, causing her to blush awkwardly. "Ahem. Mr. Pei, why are you here as well?"

    Pei Yucheng was wearing a white shirt underneath his black jacket that elongated his frame and made him look charming, poised, and elegant.

    "Seems like Miss Lin is quite satisfied with her new love," the man said with a tiny grin.

    Lin Yan, who had never expected him to overhear what she had said, trudged forward and replied eagerly, "Yes, quite satisfied! This is exceedingly satisfactory! Of course I'm satisfied!"

    Pei Yutang felt like a gigantic lightbulb once again...

    "Oh yeah, Third Young Master! Why did you ask Mr. Pei to come? Moving is so exhausting. How can we trouble him? He is frail and weak at the moment!" Lin Yan chided him softly.

    Pei Yutang looked aggrieved...

    So he would do all the manual work?

    She claimed that his brother was weak and frail? His brother's strength and power were terrifying!

    Forget it! He was the one who had put all these false ideas into her head, so he should be the one to help his brother maintain this 'weak and frail' persona...

    Pei Yucheng gazed at the worried girl as he stretched his hand out to stroke her head. "It's fine. Yutang will help you with your stuff. I'm in charge of fetching you."

    The man's deep, gentle voice entered Lin Yan's ear and seemed to grip her tiny little heart. No matter how many times this man tried to seduce her, it always made her feel as though she was an 18-year-old girl falling in love for the first time...

    The sullen Pei Yutang was speechless...

    He eyed the two of them bitterly before he burst out. "Although I'm willing to witness all this mushiness and intimacy, I shall not do it for long!"


    They traipsed upstairs to Lin Yan's unit.

    Her things had been packed last night, so Lin Yan just went around the house, checking for things that she had left behind.

    Pei Yucheng stood in the middle of the living room, scrutinizing this vaguely familiar house. He glanced at the lamp where Lin Yan had once pasted a warning notice for him and grinned unconsciously.

    The note on the lamp was still there.

    "Do you still want this lamp?" Pei Yutang asked as he carried a box. "Why is there a note on it? Big Sister-In-Law, what did you write on the lamp? Don't get near it..."

    Lin Yan jumped in horror and darted to the lamp like an arrow. She snatched the lamp and note and hurled it into the trash bag. "No, I don't want it! I'll throw it away!"


    Pei Yutang picked up a bag and peered at the contents curiously. "Big Sister-In-Law, why is there garlic inside? What do you want to do with it?"
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