377 She Wouldnt Die From Eating the Food

    Lin Yan could only depend on her last hope, Pei Nanxu.

    Pei Nanxu understood Lin Yan's plea and coughed. "Ahem... I have a dinner appointment tonight..."

    It was the first day that Big Sister-In-Law had moved in. He had deliberately tried to stay out so that she would have some private time with his Big Brother.

    To think that he had escaped a calamity! This was indeed an unexpected blessing.

    Lin Yan spluttered, "Alright then..."

    Even her beloved idol had abandoned her.

    Lin Yan glanced at the kitchen before telling Pei Nanxu, "I have a question. Is Mr. Pei... unaware of how bad his cooking is?"

    She remembered that he had tasted his own cooking.

    Pei Nanxu was momentarily startled before he shook his head. "Big Brother... has no idea..."

    "How could he not know? He ate the food that he cooked!" Lin Yan was perplexed.

    Pei Nanxu fell silent for some time before he replied, "That's because my brother has lost his sense of taste ever since he was a boy."

    "What..." Lin Yan was shocked when she heard that.

    This explanation had never once occurred to her.

    "You are saying that Mr. Pei can't taste anything?" Lin Yan looked stunned.

    "Yeah. Ordinary people find it easy to distinguish different tastes and flavors, such as bitter or salty, but he has no idea whatsoever," explained Pei Nanxu.

    "Oh, I see... No wonder..." Lin Yan muttered to herself. "But why can't he taste anything? What made that happen? Can his condition be treated?"

    "I'm not sure. Anyway, based on my understanding, Big Brother hasn't been able to taste anything ever since he was a boy. I think he was born with this deficiency. He doesn't like people mentioning it either. However, he does like to cook and he always cooks for us..." Pei Nanxu replied helplessly.

    Initially, he had lived with his Big Brother. However, he eventually hadn't been able to endure his cooking any longer...

    Lin Yan responded, "Errr..."

    Why was she beginning to suspect the real reason Pei Yutang had left home?

    Had he left because of his brother's cooking too?

    Pei Nanxu answered a call from his manager, who told him to rush.

    He said, "Miss Lin, I gotta go. I shall trouble you to stay with my brother."

    "Okay, okay. Sure, don't worry!"

    After Pei Nanxu left, Lin Yan stood, feeling conflicted.

    She had originally been adamant about stopping Pei Yucheng from cooking. However, she hesitated after hearing Pei Nanxu talk about him.

    If she were to rush and stop him from cooking, wouldn't it seem as though she was looking down on him?

    That would be too hurtful!

    However, if she didn't stop him, she would get hurt instead...

    Lin Yan's gaze trailed to that towering figure. The man had removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves casually before he had begun to wash the vegetables.

    How could the sight of him delight someone so much?

    Forget it! It's just a meal! What's the big deal? She wouldn't die if she ate the food!

    Pei Yucheng whipped up dinner in no time.

    To be honest, Pei Yucheng was a careful, serious man. His actions were elegant and classy, and one could hardly peel their eyes off him. As he cooked, she felt like she was admiring an art piece. Just looking at the food alone would make one look forward to eating it.

    However, Lin Yan had tried Pei Yucheng's cooking before...
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