378 Your Job Is Just to Ea

    Lin Yan sat uncomfortably at the dining table.

    Although it was just a meal, she felt as though she was about to be executed.

    "Try it," Pei Yucheng said as he speared a piece of meat for her.

    "Okay, thank you! I'll try the food myself!"

    Lin Yan studied the meat and silently thought that it should be edible judging from its color and looks.

    Perhaps, it wouldn't be that scary?

    Perhaps, she had been unlucky enough to have eaten his worst cooking last time?

    Lin Yan took a deep breath and put the meat inside her mouth.

    A second later, as she began to chew-

    She distinctly tasted... death!

    The taste was even more horrible than the previous time!

    She might really die because of this meal!

    Lin Yan concluded that she hadn't been unlucky enough to have tried his worst cooking before. She hadn't cherished how good her luck had been previously...

    It surely was difficult to achieve such a horrible result taste-wise.

    Boss, how did you manage to do that?

    How could you whip up something so horrifying and deadly?

    Lin Yan found it hard to swallow the food, even though he was sitting opposite her. This proved how deadly the food was!

    She should invite all those crazy fangirls to try Pei Yucheng's cooking. She was certain that most of them would stop being his fans immediately.

    As his girlfriend, she could only swallow the food in silence...

    Lin Yan replied, "It's... nice... Really nice..."

    Life was a theater. All she needed to do was act.

    "It's good that you like it. Eating out isn't healthy. I can help prepare your meals once you start working. You can pack food and have it for lunch," quipped Pei Yucheng airily.

    Lin Yan, who had been trying to pick up a quail egg with a pair of chopsticks, relinquished her grip...

    A lightning bolt out of the blue couldn't be compared to this!

    The meat that she had swallowed seemed to have corroded her insides. Lin Yan forced a smile and replied, "Okay! Sure! Thank you, Mr. Pei!"

    Was this... love?

    If this wasn't love, how could anyone do it?

    After dinner was finally over, Lin Yan felt as though she had just survived an ordeal.

    "Sorry to trouble you with cooking. Let me wash the dishes!" Lin Yan replied eagerly.

    Pei Yucheng stroked the girl's hair. "It's fine. Go ahead and rest. Your job is just to eat."

    Lin Yan was going nuts.

    Her job was just to eat...

    This sounded so romantic and touching!

    However, to her, it sounded like a death bell...

    Lin Yan felt that she needed to let her body rest. She scrambled back to her room and began to rummage through her bags for some snacks.

    She tore the wrapping of several sweets and stuffed everything into her mouth...

    The sweet taste enveloped her mouth, making her feel as though she had come back to life.

    Fortunately, she had brought some snacks and sweets with her.

    Many actresses loved to diet and skip meals. However, Lin Yan's body consumed more energy than ordinary people's bodies. Hence, she didn't really need to watch her diet. She ate normally and she liked to stock up on snacks.

    As long as she didn't overeat, she wouldn't gain weight.

    A professional racer also needed to monitor their body weight and health. Thus, she had been quite mindful all along.

    After eating some snacks, Lin Yan felt alive once more. Then, she started to unpack her belongings.

    She caught a glimpse of the garlic, wooden sword and talismans...

    Lin Yan's eyes roamed around the entire room. Taking these items out would affect the style of the room.

    However, she had no choice. She had to keep her integrity!

    She had been fine for a long period of time. Perhaps, these objects really did work!

    As the night began to get darker, she started to get a little flustered. She hurriedly hung the odd assortment of objects around her room...
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