379 If Youre Afraid of Sleeping Alone

    After she unpacked her stuff, Lin Yan retrieved the poster that Pei Yutang had torn that day.

    That kid was a jinx!

    Did he know how long she had kept this poster?

    How could he tear it?

    Forget it. She had decided to get a limited edition poster from him!

    Lin Yan was about to mend the poster with tape when Pei Yucheng's voice interrupted her.

    "Are you done unpacking? Do you need my help?"

    Lin Yan almost spat out in fright and kicked the poster under the bed in a fluster.

    One could never do anything that betrayed their conscience. She had really gotten a fright!

    She had almost forgotten that this was Pei Yucheng's place. She had to be more careful...

    Lin Yan tried to look unruffled as she picked up the clove of garlic. As she hung it on the doorknob, she replied, "No, I'm fine! I'm almost done!"

    Lin Yan wasn't aware that Pei Yucheng's reaction speed was much faster than ordinary people's.

    Hence, even though she assumed that she was fast enough, Pei Yucheng had already seen her kick the poster.

    However, the man remained stoic as he surveyed her room. In a soft voice, he said, "Okay, rest early then."

    Lin Yan nodded furiously. "Alright, okay! Mr. Pei, you should sleep early too!"

    Pei Yucheng nodded slightly and turned around.

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief when the man turned.

    However, he merely took a step and halted. Then, he spun his head around and said, "Oh yeah, Miss Lin..."

    "Wh- What?"

    Lin Yan thought that Pei Yucheng had something to tell her and looked at him curiously.

    Had he perhaps discovered anything?

    The warm glow of the lights cast a faint golden glow on the man. His lens reflected some of the light, blocking his eyes.

    The man watched her intently as his voice, which was as deep as a cello, said, "If you're afraid of sleeping alone, you can look for me."

    Lin Yan, who was stunned by his offer, coughed violently.

    Was... Was this an invitation?

    Pei Yucheng chuckled when the girl looked shocked and turned around to leave.

    Lin Yan stood frozen on the spot. Her brains had gone haywire...

    Calm down!

    Why was her imagination running wild? Pei Yucheng had merely shown his concern. He was just afraid that she wouldn't be able to sleep in a foreign place.

    How could this possibly be... an invitation?


    Even if it was... she felt that it wouldn't compensate for dinner that night...

    After washing up, Lin Yan collapsed on the bed.

    The bed sheets were soft and fluffy, and she could catch the fresh, sweet scent of the flowers and trees outside the window. Birds were chirping softly too...

    Sleepiness befuddled her messy thoughts as she drifted off to dreamland...

    Meanwhile, in the master bedroom next to her room...

    The man had removed his spectacles and was reading a book in bed. He was wearing a bathrobe that was tied casually around him. His eyes gleamed darker and more mysterious than the night.

    Lin Yan's room and his bedroom were very close to each other. He had opened his windows too, so they would be able to hear each other if their movements were loud enough.

    After sensing that Lin Yan had fallen asleep, the man cast his book away and lay down.

    The night turned deeper...

    Lin Yan was fast asleep.

    However, while she was sleeping, the sound of an alarm began to ring intermittently...
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