380 The Stabilizer Had Failed?

    At the entrance of Cloud Manor...

    Pei Nanxu had planned to return home the next day to give his brother and Lin Yan an opportunity to spend time together.

    However, he suddenly received an urgent call from the team of experts in the middle of the night. They reported that his brother's vital signs and pressure had gotten out of control persistently at night.

    Why would there be a problem with Big Brother's body?

    Lin Yan was at home with him!

    He had been certain that Big Brother would be fine now that Lin Yan was with him. Hence, he had left feeling at ease. Who knew that the team would call him!

    Pei Nanxu had to rush over in the middle of the night.

    He called Lin Yan on the way back home but she didn't pick up. He guessed that she was probably asleep.

    When he got home, the team of experts, Qin Huan, and Xing Chen were already there.

    "What happened?" Pei Nanxu sounded as though he was short of breath.

    Qin Huan looked confused too. "I don't know! His condition has been stable the entire day and night. We all assumed that he was improving. Who knew that his vital signs would spike again!

    This situation persisted for a really long time. It's still the same now! Second Young Master, why aren't you with him? How could Brother Yu be left alone in his current state?"

    Pei Nanxu replied in a fluster, "Miss Lin is with my brother, so I thought he would be fine..."

    Qin Huan was startled by his words. "Miss Lin? You mean Lin Yan? She stayed here tonight?"

    Pei Nanxu quipped, "They are currently staying together."

    Qin Huan had the same delightful, ecstatic expression on his face as Pei Yutang. "Not only have they reconciled, but she even moved in with Brother Yu? Are you serious? Isn't this fantastic? With a powerful stabilizer like Lin Yan around, there shouldn't be a problem. So what is going on? Did the stabilizer fail?"

    Pei Nanxu shook his head. "I just came back. I have no idea what happened. Miss Lin's phone has been shut off, so I don't know what is going on inside."

    If Pei Yucheng's vital signs spiked, he would lose control of his strength at any time. Almost no one but Lin Yan would be able to get near him, as they could easily trigger him.

    Hence, no one dared to venture in rashly without a clue about what was going on.

    Xing Chen bit his lollipop, looking worried and suspicious.

    A doctor who was holding a black device in his hand and a metal case in his other hand said solemnly, "His condition is too dangerous. We need to inject First Young Master with a dose of stabilizer immediately!"

    Pei Nanxu eyed the metal case in the doctor's hand. He frowned and asked, "Professor Tan, didn't you say that the side effects of this stabilizer would be exceedingly detrimental?"

    Qin Huan chimed in hastily, "Brother Yu's health is weak at the moment. Would he be able to take it if you injected that into him?"

    Xing Chen mused and remarked thoughtfully, "By right, this shouldn't have happened... While Miss Lin is around, Brother Yu shouldn't lose control. This is unprecedented... Unless..."

    Pei Nanxu understood Xing Chen and explained instantly, "Their relationship is fine. Before I left earlier today, my brother was cooking for Miss Lin."

    Qin Huan widened his eyes in horror. "Brother Yu cooked for Lin Yan? How could you allow him to cook for that woman? We are finished! She will want to break up if she tries his cooking!"
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