381 Although They Are Staying Together

    Pei Nanxu coughed softly to interrupt. "Miss Lin has tried my brother's cooking before. Like all of us, she also chose to tell a white lie. She didn't express any dissatisfaction in front of my brother."

    Qin Huan, who had fallen silent for a long time, sighed dramatically. "I never expected that this woman... would truly love Brother Yu."

    Xing Chen furrowed his eyebrows. "Don't change the topic! What's most pressing now is to think of a solution! Should we proceed with this stabilizer or not?"

    Qin Huan and Pei Nanxu clammed up when they heard Xing Chen's question.

    Even though Pei Nanxu was Pei Yucheng's brother, he couldn't make such a major decision.

    Qin Huan muttered, "I think that we shouldn't inject him while we still can. Boss has always suffered every time he was injected with a stabilizer..."

    Professor Tan shot a disapproving look at Qin Huan. Then, he turned to Pei Nanxu sternly and said, "Second Young Master, please open the door and let us in. First Young Master needs the stabilizer now. Even if there are undesirable side effects, it will be better than letting him lose his life.

    His condition will worsen by the minute. Chairman Pei has ordered us to give First Young Master the stabilizer if there is an emergency.

    As for that woman, she will only be able to affect Mr. Pei's moods and temporally delay him from losing control. How could she replace the effects of a stabilizer?"

    Pei Nanxu seemed to be convinced by the professor's argument. "Then... What are the side effects of the newly-developed stabilizer?"

    Professor Tan expounded clearly, "Currently, the side effects are similar to the previous ones. The stabilizer will affect the body's immunity and cause damage to the system. Besides that, the body will also suffer a degree of inflammation. This happened too swiftly, so the team hasn't been able to complete the last round of tests. Hence... we are unable to confirm or anticipate any other side effects."

    "What!" Pei Nanxu turned gloomy and serious upon hearing that.

    Damaging his brother's immunity was already bad enough, but there were also other unknown side effects?

    Just like Professor Tan had mentioned, staying alive was more important under these special circumstances...

    Qin Huan interjected, "Professor Tan, forgive me for being blunt. The problem is that the previous stabilizers developed by your team weren't that effective either. Brother Yu's wretched watch has been ringing the alarm every other day. The effects of your stabilizers were also temporary and didn't even last long. The side effects were plenty, though, and they tormented Brother Yu..."

    Professor Tan was incensed when he heard this accusation. "You ignorant brat! What do you know about stabilizers? Do you know how much time and effort we have invested? Other than my laboratory, no one else would be able to develop this stabilizer! If it hadn't been for me, First Young Master wouldn't have made it!"

    Qin Huan stroked his nose as he mumbled. "I'm just stating facts. Look at how furious you are! Your stabilizer isn't as natural and safe as Lin Yan..."

    Professor Tan erupted. "You pompous fellow! If you claim that this woman is much more effective than my stabilizer, why would First Young Master lose control with her around?"

    Qin Huan touched his chin and contemplated this. "Although they are staying together..."

    He glanced at Pei Nanxu and asked, "Second Young Master, is she sleeping with Brother Yu?"
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