382 How Could You Not Have Medicine When Youre Sick?

    Pei Nanxu, who looked awkward, coughed softly. "No, they sleep in separate rooms."

    Qin Huan snapped his fingers, looking enlightened. "That's right! I assumed that they slept in the same room. They are living together, but they are not together every minute of the day. The stabilizer didn't work because of the distance!"

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    Although Qin Huan's deduction was a little far-fetched... it didn't seem entirely illogical...

    In the end, Pei Nanxu led the team of experts inside first.

    Lin Yan was still sleeping soundly in her room.

    She had been fast asleep when her phone suddenly rang and woke her up. She instinctively shut off her phone.

    After some time, she reacted groggily, feeling worried that Zhao Hongling might be looking for her urgently. She switched on her phone again and saw several missed calls from Pei Nanxu.

    Why would Pei Nanxu look for her in the middle of the night?

    She was still mulling over this when she saw a horde of people standing at the entrance through her window. Pei Nanxu stood there too.

    What was happening?

    Lin Yan scrambled out of bed to check out the situation without hesitation.


    When Lin Yan stepped out of the room, she met Pei Nanxu and the others.

    Pei Nanxu rushed towards her eagerly. "Miss Lin! Are you alright?"

    "Huh? I'm fine! Why did you call me so many times? Sorry, I was asleep and I switched off my phone. Why did you bring so many people..."

    Lin Yan's eyes trailed to Qin Huan, Xing Chen, and the other professional-looking people.

    She recognized Qin Huan and Xing Chen but noticed that the girl in black was missing.

    Qin Huan shoved Pei Nanxu aside and bolted forward. "Sister-in-law!"

    Lin Yan scrutinized the man who had rushed forward so suddenly.

    Qin Huan said, "Sister-in-law, Brother Yu is in critical condition! Do you know what happened to him?"

    Lin Yan's face fell when she heard that. "He is in critical condition? Why? We went to our rooms to sleep after dinner. Nothing abnormal happened!"

    "How could the two of you sleep separately?" Qin Huan sounded as though he was heartbroken.

    Lin Yan blurted out. "Huh?"

    What was he trying to say?

    Qin Huan coughed softly before muttering, "What I meant was... Anyway, Brother Yu's condition is critical now. Take a look yourself!"

    Qin Huan took the black device from the professor and showed her. The readings displayed a constant spike, and the red light blinked dangerously...

    "Then why are you staying here? Hurry up and go in!" Lin Yan looked as though she was about to shove them in.

    "She is right! If you keep wasting time, First Young Master's life will be in danger! Everyone, get out of my way!" the professor yelled.

    Qin Huan hastily spread his hands to stop him while yelling, "Big Sister-In-Law! You can't let them in! That medicine is very harmful! The side effects are too detrimental to Brother Yu's health, so it's best that we don't let him have it!"

    Lin Yan cast him a long, disapproving look. "What kind of logic is that? How could you not have medicine when you're sick? Even if the side effects are harmful, it's better than losing your life, right? We should listen to the doctor!"
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