383 Is There Another Available Method?

    "Sister-in-law! Don't listen to this old fellow! The medicine they have developed is just like poison. All they want is to finish their task and suppress his condition. They don't give a damn about Brother Yu's suffering!

    How could he be alive if he lived neither as a man or a ghost? It might be dangerous for him to even breathe normally!" Qin Huan spluttered frantically.

    "You ignorant brat! What do you know? You're talking nonsense..." Professor Tan snarled in fury.

    That fellow had undermined their product, which had been developed painstakingly. He was way too arrogant, so even the rest of the experts began to chide him.

    "We are the experts here. If you truly care about First Young Master, then move away!"

    "Yeah! If anything happens to him, would you be able to bear the consequences?"

    "Even if the side effects are harmful, isn't keeping him alive more important?"


    Their debate gave Lin Yan a throbbing headache. Qin Huan's words lingered in her ears and made her hesitant. She glanced at him and asked, "Other than taking medicine, is there another available method?"

    Qin Huan responded promptly and eagerly, "Yes, yes! If you sleep with Brother Yu... I mean... If you stay within his vision, that will do! Maybe it will be more effective if you have skin contact!"

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    She listened to him, looking glum and confused. What was going on?

    Lin Yan replied gruffly after some time, "I think the doctor's words are more trustworthy..."

    Qin Huan seemed a little too fidgety and paranoid...

    Even if Pei Yucheng's condition depended largely on his moods and emotions and she did indeed alleviate and stabilize his mood, it would be too dangerous. How could they play with his life?

    Were they treating her like a doll or a soft toy?

    "Damn it! Sister-in-law, why don't you believe me? You're Brother Yu's medicine! You're more effective than any stabilizer or nonsensical medicine!"

    "You brat! How dare you say my medicine is nonsensical..."


    When she saw that they were about to cause a ruckus once more, Lin Yan's face fell. "All of you be quiet! Let me check on Mr. Pei first!"

    "What? No way! It's too dangerous! First Young Master won't allow anyone to go near him..."

    Before the white-haired professor could finish talking, Lin Yan had marched over to Pei Yucheng's bedroom. She twisted the doorknob and strode in.

    Pei Nanxu jerked and tried to stop her, but alas, it was too late.

    Professor Tan was completely shocked. "Is this girl not afraid of death?"

    If she got near Pei Yucheng at the moment, she would most likely get hurt or die!

    Every time they had given Pei Yucheng the stabilizer, they had been forced to use a special machine and activate it from afar...

    The group watched breathlessly as the girl charged inside. Then, they turned to the device, which was still lighting up with constant alarm sounds.


    When Lin Yan walked in, the room wasn't what she had expected it to be like. There was no mess or any broken things, and it wasn't as scary as they had described it to be.

    It was quiet inside, so all she could hear was the watch's alarm.

    Pei Yucheng was asleep on the bed...

    The man looked uncomfortable, as he was perspiring badly. He had a tormented expression on his face, and his breathing was rushed and irregular. He looked as though he was experiencing some kind of frightening or painful dream.
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