384 This Relationship Was Too Dangerous!

    Lin Yan darted forward like an arrow...

    When she reached him, the man on the bed opened his eyes abruptly.

    In the darkness, that pair of eyes was really frightening, cold, and intimidating. He looked like a ferocious beast ready to cause destruction...

    A suffocating pressure enveloped the room instantly and made Lin Yan shrivel up. She stood rooted to the spot, too afraid to move.

    Pei Yucheng's watch seemed to get triggered, as it beeped shrilly and rapidly.

    That alarm sent a chill down her spine...

    It seemed to be warning her that something frightening was about to happen...

    Fear surged in Lin Yan's eyes, and her first reaction was to flee from this man and the danger he posed...

    However, the moment she had this thought, Pei Yucheng's eyes looked even scarier...

    Lin Yan forced herself to calm down.

    Pei Yucheng looked as though he had just had a nightmare. She had suddenly woken him up, so he hadn't been able to recognize her.

    She had to calm down! She needed to calm down!

    Don't be afraid...

    She distinctly felt that the more fear she felt, the more she would provoke him.

    She unconsciously recalled how gentle this man had always been with her...

    She remembered Pei Yucheng saying that he couldn't bear to do anything to hurt her in a tender manner. He had also asked her to think of a reward she wanted and praised her for looking beautiful on the racing track...

    Lin Yan shut her eyes and forced herself to abandon any thoughts of fleeing. She stood rooted to the spot and gently whispered, "Mr. Pei..."

    As the alarm rang, the girl's whisper was like a feeble light shining into the murky waters of a dark, deep lake.

    Pei Yucheng's eyes flickered slightly, as though he had been roused.

    His eyes, which gleamed dangerously, began to gain focus as he turned slowly to the girl before him.

    "Mr. Pei, how are you feeling? Are you okay?" Lin Yan asked with a slight frown as she watched the man sit up slowly.

    However, Lin Yan failed to hear the man's verbal response.

    Pei Yucheng acted like a beast with no feelings or logic. He moved over to Lin Yan in a split second.

    His eyes met Lin Yan's.

    Pei Yucheng's eyes always sparkled brilliantly like a boundless sky full of stars. This sky was beautiful and bewitching.

    However, Lin Yan couldn't admire Pei Yucheng's eyes right now. His eyes currently only contained aloofness and coldness.

    Lin Yan wanted to turn and flee for her life when she looked into his eyes.

    "Mr. Pei... Are you alright?" Lin Yan surveyed Pei Yucheng bravely and tried to compose herself.

    Pei Yucheng extended his hand suddenly and grabbed Lin Yan's arm before she could react.

    She broke out in cold sweat when she felt the pressure on her arm. Was this man trying to rip her arm off?

    This relationship was too... dangerous!


    Pei Yucheng's eyes gleamed coldly before Lin Yan could finish her sentence.

    A second later, the people outside the room heard a loud smash inside the room.

    "What is happening?"

    Without a second thought, Pei Nanxu wanted to rush inside the room instantly.

    Before he could take a step, Qin Huan held him back and shouted, "Second Young Master, hold on!"
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