385 Exchange of Emotions

    "It's a moonless night, and it's dark..." Qin Huan eyed Pei Nanxu and grinned. "It's a moonless night, and a man and a woman are alone in a room... Ahem... They must be having an exchange of emotions. It's understandable if there are... some sounds. Second Young Master, don't you interrupt them now!"

    Pei Nanxu was left speechless. How could this loud noise be an exchange of emotions?


    In the meantime, inside the room...

    Pei Yucheng paced to and fro along the bed, as though he was searching for something.

    Lin Yan was hiding under the desk, covering her mouth with her palm. She didn't even dare to breathe.

    Fortunately, she had dodged fast enough. Otherwise, would she have been killed by Pei Yucheng's kick?

    It had never occurred to Lin Yan that Pei Yucheng's agility and strength would be so lethal!

    The man didn't give Lin Yan any time to think as he stood there, watching her.

    Lin Yan was under the desk, so she failed to realize that although Pei Yucheng wasn't himself, he was alert enough to discover her hiding place.

    "Mr. Pei..."

    Before Lin Yan could speak, Pei Yucheng had lifted the entire desk and hurled it away.

    A second later, he stretched his hand towards Lin Yan.

    "Damn it!"

    Lin Yan gritted her teeth, feeling anxious. She had no idea why Pei Yucheng had lost control of himself.

    Lin Yan clenched her fist without hesitation and aimed it at Pei Yucheng. She hoped that it would force him to back off so that she could escape.

    Why were those fools outside doing nothing despite hearing all these noises?

    No one had even come in to check!


    Pei Yucheng intercepted Lin Yan's fist in the blink of an eye.

    His grip was as tough and immovable as a mountain. No matter how hard Lin Yan struggled, she couldn't throw him off.

    She was going to die!


    Just as the thought crossed her mind, Lin Yan incredibly felt Pei Yucheng's strength ebbing away the moment his hand touched her.

    The iciness in his eyes started melting too...

    Instinctively, Lin Yan moved the hand that was still held tightly by the man. She probed and addressed him softly. "Mr. Pei?"

    While Pei Yucheng squeezed and touched the tiny hand gently, the frightening aura emitted from him vanished abruptly...

    Lin Yan noticed that Pei Yucheng had finally woken up. Even the silver-colored watch had stopped beeping. It was as if nothing had happened.

    The words of the man with the white tulip in his front pocket suddenly echoed in her mind.

    Did she really... have such a huge influence on Pei Yucheng?

    Other than affecting his moods, could she also save him?

    This was really incredible...

    She recalled the last few scenarios when she had met Pei Yucheng... It appeared to be true...

    "Mr. Pei! It's me! You... Did you have a nightmare?" Lin Yan whispered as softly as she could.

    Pei Yucheng watched the girl before him, who was wearing her pajamas and bedroom slippers. She stood awkwardly a few steps away from him, looking helpless.

    "Miss Lin?"

    "Yes... Yes, it's me..." Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Pei Yucheng's voice.

    He relinquished his grip on her hand and massaged his temples. "What happened?"

    "Errr... Ahem... That..." Lin Yan scratched her head, at a loss for an explanation.

    Was she supposed to tell him that there was chaos outside this room? That she had been forced to come in to check on him? That, in the end, she had fought with him?

    Lin Yan couldn't be entirely certain that Pei Yucheng was in a stable condition...

    Thus, she answered softly, "Mr. Pei... Earlier on, you said that... if I was afraid to sleep alone, I could look for you. Right?"

    Lin Yan raised her head and blinked innocently at the man. "I'm afraid..."
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