386 Without a Doubt, Natural Is the Bes

    She was really afraid...

    Hence, Lin Yan didn't even need to put on an act.

    Pei Yucheng was momentarily stunned and all the gloom and coldness in his eyes vanished without a trace. His heart had softened.

    Lin Yan noticed it and mustered her courage. "Sorry, I shouldn't have barged in... Did I disturb you?"

    Pei Yucheng was sickly pale and rather dazed. He looked weak and drained, which was a vast contrast to his earlier ruthless and intimidating self.

    Lin Yan hesitated as she wondered if she should take advantage of the fact that Pei Yucheng was feeling weak to flee for her life.

    If he were to lose control once more, this relationship was bound to cost her life.

    It was all because of that damned Pei Yutang! He had always reiterated how weak and defenseless Pei Yucheng was. That had caused her to almost forget that he had sent a girl flying across the room when he had lost control previously.

    She also recalled seeing a mess of broken items on the floor. Pei Yucheng must have been the culprit then too!

    This was a sin!

    Why would she move to such a dangerous place?

    At this thought, Lin Yan made up her mind resolutely.

    She grabbed Pei Yucheng's hand and spoke softly as her hand gripped the man's huge hand. "As long as I stay with you, I won't be afraid."

    Lin Yan really wanted to slap herself after forcing those words out of her mouth!

    F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!

    Why would she say something that she didn't mean?

    Were women in love always like this?

    She obviously wanted to flee, yet she was already holding Pei Yucheng's hand by the time she snapped back to her senses.

    How could she be so bold?

    Wasn't she afraid that Pei Yucheng would pull her skull out of her head in a second?

    Lin Yan shuddered involuntarily as she regretted this instantly. A moment later, she was pulled into a warm embrace...

    She was then enveloped by the familiar, distinctive scent that belonged to this man.

    The moonlight entered through the windows and shone on the couple that was locked in an embrace. The whole room was still and silent.

    The man's silver-colored watch had stopped beeping.


    A second later, a loud bang disrupted this tranquil feeling.

    "Big Brother! Miss Lin..." Pei Nanxu had barged in and seen them hugging.

    Pei Nanxu, Qin Huan, and the experts stood there in a daze.

    Professor Tan stared intently at the device in his hands. "He has been stabilized... stabilized..."

    Qin Huan blinked and exclaimed in excitement, "What the... Second Young Master, look! I already said they were having an emotional exchange. Why didn't you believe me?"

    Pei Nanxu froze awkwardly on the spot.

    The couple had been interrupted as a result.

    Pei Nanxu, Qin Huan, and the others noticed Pei Yucheng's aloofness and slipped out of the room swiftly.

    "Big Brother, sorry! Earlier on, the device recorded a spike in your body's readings. We were all anxious, so we came to take a look. Sorry for interrupting!"

    The door was slammed shut as the last word echoed.

    Pei Nanxu and the others looked as though they had just escaped from a disaster after exiting the room.

    Qin Huan glanced at the device before gloating triumphantly. "Old man, did you see that? I told you that the natural stuff is undoubtedly the best! Just a hug will do the trick and triumph over your chemical products!"
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