387 His Gentleness Was a Pretense

    Although Pei Yucheng was currently stable, no one dared to drop their guard. Pei Nanxu, Qin Huan, and Xing Chen, along with the team, were on alert the entire night, ready for an emergency.

    The next morning, everyone except for Qin Huan looked exhausted.

    Qin Huan stretched his arms after a good night's sleep and eyed them with a smirk. "Didn't I say that he would be fine while the woman was around? All of you are paranoid!"

    Xing Chen gave him a long, disdainful look. He rotated his left hand out of daily habit and sounds of metal rubbing against metal were heard.

    Qin Huan was fortunate enough to have avoided Brother Yu when he had completely lost control...

    Xing Chen had gotten a taste of it personally.

    So far, he hadn't had the courage to recall that incident.

    He couldn't believe that he had managed to make it out alive by losing just an arm. He had to thank his lucky stars for his blessed life.

    After making sure that Pei Yucheng was fine, everyone left.


    Meanwhile, in the spacious and bright bedroom...

    Lin Yan had gone through a sleepless night as she lay beside the man on the huge, comfortable bed.

    Her hand was intertwined with the man's, and she didn't dare to let go.

    She was afraid that the watch would sound the alarm once she did...

    She was wrong... She was really wrong...

    It suddenly dawned on her that she had made a huge mistake!

    She had been telling herself to trust Pei Yucheng's gentle and kind side and overlook the intimidating, terrifying side of him.

    She had forgotten that he was pretending... to be gentle and kind...

    He certainly did so successfully...

    She had been seduced and bewitched by Pei Yucheng's angelic facade and led down the path to hell...

    However, it wasn't entirely her fault. How could anyone on Earth resist the man's gentleness?

    She was the one who had requested to move in. It was too late for regrets now.

    Furthermore, she didn't have the guts to say anything.

    Lin Yan had been in a highly nervous and anxious state the entire night. When the hand that she was holding moved slightly, she instantly noticed it.

    Her eyes trailed from the hand slowly to the man's face.

    She had no idea how long the man had been awake for, but he was gazing at her intensely...

    Lin Yan jerked in fear and almost tried to flee right away. She shrank her neck, too afraid to even breathe. Then, she coughed cautiously and asked, "Mr. Pei... Are you... awake?"

    Pei Yucheng didn't respond. The morning light illuminated the man but couldn't melt the iciness and aloofness in his eyes.

    Lin Yan felt uneasy when the man did not respond. She held her breath and clammed up.

    What if she accidentally provoked him with her words?

    After some time, the man's eyes trailed to the girl's hand. His long-fingered hand stroked her palm as he asked softly, "Are you regretting this?"

    Lin Yan's heart gave a loud thud when she heard the man.

    Pei Yucheng acted as if he had seen right through her, and she had no means of hiding from him.

    This man was really scary!

    How could he see right through her?

    Pei Yucheng was like a stranger to her right now. She felt as though she had never known or met this man before...
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