389 Well Done!

    In the morning, at Star Entertainment...

    Gao Zhiwei had just become the director of the artist department. As the saying goes, a new official always makes changes. Early in the morning, everyone convened for a meeting, waiting to meet their new boss, who had just come to power.

    All the employees were eagerly flocking to get on his good side by flattering him.

    "What a satisfaction! We have finally driven that annoying Lin Yan away! If it wasn't for Director Gao, that woman would still be protected by Zhao Hongling and she would continue to smear our reputation!"

    "Amen! How could Zhao Hongling have the cheek to be director with her capability? That piece of trash, Lin Yan, is an attestation that she lacks foresight and acumen! Did she really think that Lin Yan would make it one day?"

    "Pfft! Lin Yan could make it? If she does, I will swallow this table!"


    An Qianqian sat on Gao Zhiwei's left with a demure, sweet smile. "Don't say that. Her new movie is about to hit the screens and it will indeed be a blockbuster! Every award-winning actor and actress has participated. Perhaps she might really ride on their coattails to success?"

    Disdain and contempt were etched on everyone's faces. "Even if the movie becomes huge, what does this have to do with her? Qianqian, haven't you read how she is being lambasted on the internet?

    Many fans have declared that they are going to boycott the movie because of her. I bet that the producer is fretting over this right now! He must be regretting the decision to cast her!

    Lin Yan has no talent or skills. All she knows is how to create scandals. She is infamous for it in the industry. In a nutshell, she will jinx the other party!"

    They turned to Gao Zhiwei and began to pander to him. "Fortunately, Director Gao is driven and unyielding. You helped us drive that piece of trash away. Otherwise, the company would have been implicated!"

    "Yeah, I agree! Director Gao will definitely bring Star Entertainment to greater heights!"

    Gao Zhiwei listened smugly to all their flattery and praise before he proclaimed aloud, "You have reminded me of something. Since Lin Yan has terminated her contract with the company, she will have nothing to do with us from now on.

    PR team, get ready to prepare a notice regarding this announcement. Make sure you protect the company's image."

    "Understood, Director. I have already made the necessary arrangements," the head of the PR team replied promptly.

    Hours later, Star Entertainment made an official announcement declaring that they had terminated their contract with their artist, Lin Yan.

    Star Entertainment was a tiny company that had become more well-known because of Jiang Sifei.

    However, after the official announcement was released, it still created quite a buzz.

    Most people rooted for and supported Star Entertainment.

    'Lin Yan is indeed a tumor in the entertainment industry! Finally, she was kicked out! Well done, Star Entertainment!'

    'The question is, why did Star Entertainment retain such an artist for so long? No wonder Jiang Sifei left and jumped to House of Millions Media!'

    'There are rumors that Star Entertainment has recently changed management. Lin Yan had been sheltered by a director. It seems like the new management is wiser!'


    Gao Zhiwei sat at his desk in the newly-renovated and furnished office and read the comments in glee and victory.

    "Qianqian, you just wait. They will come to find us on their knees in a few more days... However, I won't go easy on them."
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